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The Shroud of Secrecy Surrounding Black Tuesday

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Living in South Africa, you’d know how the gloom of today is not merely a reflection of the weather. Yesterday was Black Tuesday; a day in South African history that will forever be marked as inconceivable yet true. The SA government voted in favour of the Secrecy Bill that will allow corruption to run rife through our political veins, without the journalistic world being able to comment on it. Legally, that is. How one could even fathom the introduction of such a law is beyond each and every rational mind and is something that the upstanding members of our communities have been fighting against for months. Petitions have brought the passing of this bill to a standstill before and perhaps old Jacob Zuma will do what is right and not put his stamp of approval on it, thereby allowing it to become law. My suspicions are against old JZ at this time, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end!

We all foresee a future where investigative journalism is about to become the enemy of the state; but at the same time we all know that every journalist worth his salt would more than likely now fight even harder to expose the truth. It’s been said that every ANC member of parliament was ordered to be present for the vote yesterday, producing a dominant force that would overthrow any decisions to do away with this bill. In addition to them being in attendance, each and every ANC member was also apparently ordered to vote in favour of the bill; whether they wanted to or not. What does this say for the ruling party? Not only do they want to enforce something so heinous that it insults the very intellectual capacity of our people, but they are also squashing any personal opinion or goodwill for the country that any of their members of parliament could hope to bring to the table.

I know I annoy the crap out of people with my eternal optimism; always looking for the ray of hope that indicates to me that everything will be fine. But I truly feel that this entire debacle will cause a host of ANC voters to wake up and shift places towards a vantage point facing the DA. How could any intelligent human being actually support something that is to the detriment of their country and their own personal wellbeing? In my opinion, the ANC have just shafted themselves royally and they can prepare for a number of lost supporters from those who actually understand the implications of this ridiculous bill. To me, they are just further proving to the world that they are a bunch of monkeys in suits with a dangerous amount of power in their hands, forcing their insane plans on a wealth of people who are too clever and too much in love with their country to not do anything about it.

Watch this space. All hope is not lost; in fact this might be the explosion that launches the ANC into oblivion where they belong. In the great and really catchy words of Journey: “Don’t stop believin’, hold onto that feeling!” Yes, it’s grey and miserable outside, but inside I’m feeling rather warm and positive.



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The Twisting Of Reality

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The Twisting Of Reality

This morning after dropping the kids at school, I was listening to Gareth Cliff on the radio. I don’t particularly like him Twisting of Reality - Yin Yangor the music he plays, but I do like the fact that he often raises interesting points of discussion. This morning he was chatting about how the actor from Transformers was beaten up outside a nightclub for no particular reason; no doubt by some steroid fuelled gym buddy with a penchant for picking on scrawny men. While I’m not the least bit phased about what happens in said actor’s life, it did get me thinking about our society in general.

So often, we go out into the world and come face to face with these less than desirable people. Those who’s sole mission is to get into a fight, cause chaos, vandalise buildings or create general havoc. Why do they do it? Who knows? But the thought of them made me realise something that could be deemed quite sad. No matter how “at peace” the world is, no matter if there comes a day where guns are banned and crime is no longer a factor… there will always be these sour people who are less than thrilled with life. Those who detest being happy just because to them, it’s a sign of weakness. There will always be this shift of perception, this skewed reality that’s caused by drugs, alcohol, too much adrenaline from too much red meat, steroids and altogether crappy parenting and upbringing. Nothing can ever be just right, or just perfect, not even when it is – if that makes sense?

That also brings me to another thought. Now that I’m on maternity leave I have all this time to do these wonderful things that I’ve been missing out on; like watching my son do karate. I went and sat in on his class yesterday and noted that the first full half hour was simply them discussing concepts. Yesterday they were trying to wrap their heads around the concept of yin and yang, although they never referred to it as that. Their master was trying to explain to these little 8 year old boys that nothing exists without it’s opposite. That we cannot love everything… because there would be no balance created by those things that we hate. We cannot always be happy, because how would we know happiness without first knowing what it is to be sad?

In light of my comments on the twisting of reality; we also can’t always be at peace and live in a world where nothing goes wrong. There will always be that constant push and pull of the yin and yang, the complementary behaviour that one gives to the other. We’d also probably get pretty bored if everything were always peaches and cream. I suppose we always just have to know and trust that everything is as it should be. No matter what the situation. And that poor skinny actor who got beat up, well maybe he was asking for it… but maybe it was also because it led to something greater or more beautiful in his life. Maybe next week you’ll read about him getting engaged to the nurse who tended to his wounds? You just never know… trust. Know. It’s all going to be ok, even alongside the steroid filled junkies.


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We Can’t Forget – Happy Birthday, Pat

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We Can't Forget - Happy Birthday, Pat

Happy Birthday Pat!Pat O'Gorman... we miss you

We miss you so much. Time will never fill the void you’ve left in our lives and every day we wish for it to be different.

Love forever in boundless amounts!

Kat & Mike x x x


~ 14th September 2011


The day you graced the world with you

A moment born

A flash of fate

A second to bring your soul to earth


A certain beauty captured you

Kept you safe

In your human shell

A delicate creation from Earth’s bounty

To live and love and breathe with us

Until mortal glory reached its end


For every day

Each hour, each laugh

We hold onto thoughts

Like treasures of ours

Frozen time with colour alive

Pixelated with elements of you

To feel but not see

To remember but not be


We remember


We remember it all

Eyes that loved, that knew our depths

Smiles that stretched to laughter

In all stupidity

In all seriousness

In all love and true friendship

We remember it all


We remember


How it all changed

Forcing us to grapple for memory

Fight for reminders

We remember without wanting to believe


The day you took the world with you

The moment gone

The crush of fate

A second to take your soul away… good bye dear friend


We can’t ever forget… and won’t. RIP brother Pattie Attie x x x

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Quirk Ingenuity For Rugby Friday

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Quirk Ingenuity For Rugby Friday

Quirk IngenuitySo here we are, on Rugby Friday and I’m wearing the clothing that as closely resembles South African rugby attire as possible. It’s green, OK? While I’m not the only person who doesn’t possess official SA colours and clothing, there were some among us that went the extra mile when preparing for today.

Lisa Leonard, our feisty Traffic Manager, went so far as to apply green eyeshadow that matches with her boyfriend’s entire wardrobe of rugby gear; this is inclusive of his size 11 shoes painted the colours of the South African flag. Karyn Lovesay, an Account Manager, has it all going on with the scarf, the t-shirt, the jersey and the little SA flag on her cheek.

But it was young Tree Pechau, one of our Senior Designers, who stole the show, in my opinion, displaying fabulous Quirk ingenuity. Does this not spell out creativity? When all else fails; improvise!

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Rugby Fridays

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Rugby Fridays

With the Rugby World Cup 2011 approaching, South Africa is getting into the swing of things by donning their rugby jerseys every Friday. Schools, individuals and corporations are Rugby Fridaysall showing their support for the Boks in what we call Rugby Fridays… and Quirk is no different. In addition to the rugby “vibe” that’s to be spread around the office, we’re expecting a guest speaker, Owen Nkumane, to come and chat to us during our inspiration session about all things Bok and beautiful. The team has been asked to wear their favourite rugby jersey in honour of this event, but I seem to be lacking in the rugby jersey department. Not only do I not have a favourite rugby jersey, but I don’t possess a single item of South African-esque clothing, with the exception of a Soccer World Cup t-shirt that was bought for me.

It’s not that I don’t support my country and that my patriotism has run dry; in fact it’s quite the opposite. I’m in full support of all things SA and I’ll be the one screaming in the pub for the Boks to push it over the try line. It’s just the whole clothing thing… I’ve never felt the inclination to paint my face with the South African flag or buy a green and gold jersey. That doesn’t mean I’m not bubbling over with pride every time our team walks onto a field.

I love watching exotic dancers, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and buy 7 inch perspex stilettos and a sequined pair of hot pants if I wanted to support them. It’s the same with the Boks. I’d rather sit in my jeans and t-shirt, Kat-style, and let my support be displayed from me… just little old me in plain old clothing. So don’t judge me when my attire doesn’t reflect love for my country; green and gold just aren’t my colours, darling!

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Mangwanani Day Spa – A Pregnant Woman’s Paradise

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Mangwanani Day Spa - A Pregnant Woman's Paradise

Saturday saw me getting up earlier than I would normally choose to on a weekend, but it was for a very good cause. My Chilling at Mangwanani Day Spabeautiful husband had bought me a voucher for Mangwanani African Day Spa to indulge in the African Shwe Shwe Package (African Revitalisation Package), and said voucher was about to expire. Without wasting R1,500 worth of indulgence, I booked my space and made the effort to roll my pregnany body out of bed early enough to get there by 08h15. It was more than worth it! The spa is not even 5 minutes from our house at the Indaba Hotel; one of the newer venues in the chain of franchised pamper stations.

I was greeted with smiles as organised individuals fed me hot chocolate and ticked their checklists while escorting me to my private table, complete with gift pack (I didn’t know this was a gift pack until later). I was waited on and asked what I’d like to drink… decaf cappuccino seemed the order of the day and it came to my table with muffins, yoghurt, a fruit skewer and muesli. As I dined on my healthy breakfast, I watched couples and groups roll in, chatting incessantly. I felt somewhat decadent and supremely chilled sitting in my own company, not having to make unecessary conversation but rather to sit and contemplate – one of my favourite pastimes. Once I was done with my breakfast I was shown to the change rooms where I robed up and prepared myself for a day full of bodily treats.

Mangwanani African Day SpaEverything works on a rotation basis. So essentially, you’re checked into various timeslots with different therapists who all take their time completing their assigned treatments. The schedule is pre-arranged, so all you have to do is remember your table number and they do the rest for you. This is a huge blessing, because after treatment number 1, you already feel like you’re wandering around in part-zombie-part-stoner bliss.

The scene is set for a luxurious African experience, complete with incredible birdlife, indigenous trees and bubbling streams flowing past thatched treatment areas. Everything follows the African theme, from the drumming ladies to the Zulu dancing and fabulous melodic voices of a choir of beautiful women. Only later I realised that the magnificent choir was made up of our talented therapists.

The treatments (also aptly named) I had the pleasure of partaking in were:

  • TLHAPISO – Spa Body Treatment – Choice of Body Wash, Exfoliation or Body Brushing; I chose the body brushing
  • NEO MATSOGO – Traditional African Royal Hand Massage (from fingers to elbows)
  • MOLALA – African Head, Neck & Shoulders Massage; with linseed oil that totally did it for my hair
  • NEO MAOTO – Traditional African Royal Foot Massage (from toes to knees)
  • IZIMANGA – Traditional Full Body Massage with Hot Stones – being pregnant, I couldn’t have the hot stones, but this wasn’t at all necessary. It was completely divine on its own
  • UBUSO – Revitalising Facial Spa with Pressure Point Massage – again, I couldn’t have the pressure point massage due to my current condition

In between each bout of sensory euphoria, we had about 15 minutes to sit by the pool, indulge in unlimited drinks Mangwanani African Day Spaor go to the loo to pee as was the case with me and another pregnant woman. We were never at a loss for anything to do and were regularly shuffled off in all directions by an able bodied staff. There was always an expectant therapist waiting on the other end, ready to transport me into the exact space I’ve been needing to go for the last 3 months; heaven. In between it all, there was time for a luxurious lunch of vegetarian (in my case) potjie, served in the cutest little mini potjie pots. Dessert was my ultimate; but that’s more than likely because I’m a hormonal freak at the moment and the sight of a  milk tart makes me want to do serious damage to any sugar vulnerabilities I might have had.

I take my hat off to all of the lovely therapists, but especially the 2 who had to deliver full body treatments to my rounded, pregnant self. Not only did they carry the tasks off with great precision, but they were extremely polite and helpful when I had to roll myself from one side to the other. The young lady who endured my snoring during the facial was also a real trooper. It’s not everyday that your client falls asleep on the massage table. It’s also probably not often that said client starts to snore either. Luckily I snored loud enough to actually wake myself up so she didn’t have to politely endure it for too long.

Mangwanani African Day SpaThe highlight after showering off all the oils and creams was when I went to hand in the beautiful black, hooded gown I’d been wearing all day. Apparently it was a part of the package and was mine to take home… a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Mike was literally gobsmacked when he saw me later that afternoon. Apparently I looked completely relaxed and he hadn’t seen me like this is a very long time. Quite sad that I actually display visible signs of tiredness, stress and pregnancy strain, but great at the same time that it can be alleviated with a little “me-time”. I never under-estimate the importance of taking time out for myself, but it isn’t always possible. I’ve decided that the “isn’t always possible” part of that sentence is actually unacceptable. As I’ve said before, we have this one life that we know of, this one vessel to carry us through this life… if we don’t look after it, who will?

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Count Every Blessing; Relish Every Moment

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Count Every Blessing; Relish Every Moment

I’m having one of those weeks where I find myself contemplating people, love, life, emotions and all the little ingredients that mix together to enhance all of said contemplations. I know that with Finn being inside me, my emotions are definitely heightened, but certainly not erratic or in any way out of control. In fact, I’d like to think that they are more in tune to what is happening around me, what I’m feeling inside me. Pregnancy is kind of like a harmless hallucinogenic for my emotive state, enhancing everything I feel, all that I love… making it deeper, brighter and so much more “coherent”. I don’t know that everyone experiences this in pregnancy as I’ve come across some first class emotional terrorists. And perhaps I wasn’t always like this, because I do remember being quite bleak in the beginning of my pregnancy with Finn.

It is with this attitude that I’ve decided to construct a little list of all that I’m grateful for. It actually came about after reading a fabulous email from a  fellow Quirk colleague entitled “33 Ways to Stay Creative”. I thought it was so cool that I printed it out and stuck it on the wall next to my desk. And now, sitting eating my lunch, my eye happened to land on number 21: Count your blessings. I have so many, but I never take the time to actually sit and think about them or even “be grateful” for them. So that’s what I’m about to do.

I’m a blessed being because…

  1. I am married to my dream man. Truly. I always dreamed of this tall, dark stranger who would serenade me with his acoustic guitar and hold me in the most comforting, protective embrace whenever I needed it. Enter Michael John Stott and my dreams have been realised.
  2. I have the most incredible, loving, compassionate children who already understand the value of love. Without them there is nothing.
  3. I am blessed to be pregnant with my 3rd baby and so look forward to meeting my little Finn Patrick Stott.
  4. I’ve been one of the fortunate beings to be born into a family who loves me, unconditionally, and expects nothing less than for me to love my life and live it.
  5. I’m surrounded by people that I love and who love me back with all intention and intensity.
  6. I can feel my connection to the Earth and its’ beings. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you are a part of this beauty that surrounds us… a lot of people miss that in their constant quest for material satisfaction.
  7. I have an incredible job working for one of the foremost digital agencies in South Africa – #quirkrocks. We have the most exceptional team of talented, awesome individuals who make work an absolute pleasure, not a task.
  8. I love what I do for a living and I’m good at it.
  9. I have more than enough of everything to be happy and content. Abundance is beautiful when it is made up of the right things.
  10. I have no doubts about my abilities or my place in this world.
  11. I have a beautiful collection of furry friends who are always pleased to see me and will drop whatever they’re doing to come and snuggle up with me.
  12. Mike and I have a beautiful home which is slowly becoming our dream house. I’m so grateful that we’ve got the money to fix it up the way we want to… a work in progress, it is slowly morphing into our own creation.
  13. I have wheels. Some people don’t. I watch them on freezing cold Jozi winter mornings and feel proud for everything I’ve accomplished; albeit very sorry for them out in the cold.
  14. I have faced death and destruction through my experiences and thus have so much perspective on what is truly important in this life. I feel so many people obsess over trivial little things that mean nothing in the grander scheme of things.
  15. My life is full of potential. Opportunity comes in all shapes and sizes and I’m able to recognise it every time it crosses my path.
  16. I’m healthy, in every way I can be.
  17. I have full control of all my senses. I can see the beautiful day, I can smell the sweet jasmine, I can feel, I can taste, I can hear music… without which life would be colourless.

There is more. I know there’s much more and if I sat for long enough I could write a book about it. For now, I know that every second is an opportunity to make a change or have the time of my life. I’ll never take that for granted. Count every blessing; relish every moment, because you never know what is waiting for you in the seconds that are about to follow.

family is everythingfamily is everythingfamily is everythingfamily is everything

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Say What You Feel; Feel What You Say

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We live in a day and age where anything can be communicated at the touch of a button. We can contact people in different time zones, send photographs of ourselves to the web with immediate effect and have live chats with family members located on separate continents. Business can be conducted from literally anywhere, as well as from the dock of our mobile phones. We have come so far, advanced in so many great ways on a technological level! And yet… there are still those among us who cannot find it in themselves to own up to their own feelings and express them, openly and honestly. Has the advance of technology stunted our emotional growth? It probably has nothing to do with it, but I thought the analogy of progression was quite fitting when faced with people who are so emotionally stunted that they cannot, or will not, actually just be honest.

It baffles me. How do people actually find satisfaction in themselves by not being true to their thoughts and emotions?

I am by no means a perfect individual, in fact I know that I have many faults. But I admit to them. I’m respectful enough to myself to say that I can be overly judgmental or I can be a passive aggressive at times. But this is in my nature, this is my truth and I honour it. I also have enough respect for the people around me to tell them that they’re pissing me off, or they’ve upset me. I don’t sit in a corner and snidely slag them off, I’ll confront them and let them know that I feel I’ve been wronged by them. Why can’t everyone do the same?

If I am really annoying the crap out of you then I’d appreciate it if you would tell me. If you feel that perhaps I could be doing more to be supportive of you then by all means – let the cat out of the bag! How are people supposed to grow as individuals and how are relationships supposed to thrive in all environments if not all the elements are tried, tested and true?

I often wonder about my pet hates. There are those obvious ones: cruelty to animals, people who destroy the planet without a care in the world, most BMW drivers and the occasional Porsche driver too. But these are all obvious and some are just silly little irks. When I think of a pet hate, something that really rubs me up the wrong way, I’d have to say that I cannot stand people who are (as my beautiful friend, Hayley puts it) “fake fine”. They are your “friends”, they accommodate you when you are face to face by conversing with you, smiling at you and generally putting on a great show of affection and everything is “fine” between you and them! But in essence you know that there is something lacking. There is a little something called genuine warmth and depth of emotion missing. And no matter how hard you look for it, you won’t find it. Because it just is not present in that persons’ interactions with you.

So why fake it? Why the hell would you pretend to like someone when you clearly don’t? Why would you waste so much precious energy pretending to be someone you’re not, liking something you don’t and smiling at someone who you think doesn’t deserve it?

I would ask anyone who can resonate with what I’m saying to actually own up to themselves, be straight up with their hearts and those around them and just tell it like it is! If that means that a bunch of people are going to come to me today and say “Kat, I really don’t like you and I’m just going through the motions to pretend I do,” I’ll actually hug them, thank them and tell them not to give it a second thought. Because being true to yourself takes guts and I have the utmost respect for the person who actually commands it.

Life is too short and we don’t get enough time to spend with those that we love. I refuse to waste a single second pretending to get on with someone, when I actually want to spend quality time with the people in my life that really matter and make a difference.

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Quirk’s Gift Of Giving On Mandela Day

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Quirk's Gift Of Giving On Mandela Day

Mandela Day was celebrated across South Africa and the world, as an opportunity to pay homage to a very prominent figure in South African society. Nelson Mandela is extremely highly regarded by most, doubted by some, but is certainly a man that everyone is familiar with. On his 93rd birthday this year, it was requested that everyone try and take 67 minutes out of their lives to help someone else or do something for the greater good. “67 Minutes for Tata” was widely spread and our beautiful rainbow nation came back with many inspiring acts of kindness to help improve the situations of others. We, at Quirk, made a small effort that went a long way for many.

Our Little Bit

Danielle & happy sandwich bearer

The beautiful Danielle Bates, a marketing graduate at our company, came up with the idea that everyone make 2 sandwiches and bring them to work so that we could deliver to a school where they would be most appreciated. I admit that I cursed her on Monday morning when I was about to leave the house and remembered I hadn’t made my sandwiches. After spitting expletives all over the kitchen, I whipped up some cheese and tomato sandwiches and was on my way without a second thought. The majority of the team had remembered to do the same so Dan and I packed about 80 sandwiches into her car at 11am and headed off to Witkoppen School near Lonehill.

The school sits like a small, scabby spot surrounded by opulence and luxury and is made up of 1015 pupils, all avidly doing their

Smiles For Africa

part to get an education. Obviously we couldn’t cater to all of them, so we visited 2 of the smaller classes (most classes consist of 50 kids) and handed out sandwiches to the younger children who still have a load of growing to do. The heart break set in when Dan told me that some of these kids don’t get to eat all weekend as their parents can’t afford to buy food. They get meals at school, so Fridays are spent filling up as much as they can, and Mondays – I would imagine – spent making up for lost time. I can’t fathom the idea of  having an empty belly for more than a few hours. A few days is beyond my comprehension.

You’d never know about the lives they lead from their demeanour and attitudes. They all sat quietly in their classrooms, working diligently, smiling and greeting us when told to. Their work was neat and precise… they were real model pupils and little citizens worthy of the greatest praise.

Gratitude Is Gorgeous

Each little kid got a “Quirk loves me” badge and a sandwich from us; a handover that was met with clapping, smiles and beautiful “thank yous”. They were so grateful for something that is seemingly so simple. My kids would have been wondering why the hell some chick was trying to feed them sandwiches, but these kids were absolutely thrilled. More heart break ensued as each beautiful little being returned the favour by posing for the camera, each face overflowing with smiles and positivity. Our only wish was that we had enough sandwiches for every kid in the school.

Happiness is...

This simple gift of giving was something so rewarding for us that Dan and I decided we need to do it regularly; even once a month. We’ve also set a goal for ourselves for next time and that is to make enough sandwiches for the entire school. That’s 1015 sandwiches! Quite a hefty task but so insignificant in the grander scheme of things. From there we could progress to making muffins, baking massive cakes, making up snack packs with juices and sweets – whatever! We just always have to remember (and this is a stern note to self) that no matter how much of an effort it is for us, or how inconvenient it may be… there is always someone who is worse off.

I made sure to tell my kids about what we had been up to and try to make them realise how fortunate they are to have the things they do. I’m quite positive it hit home, but they might reminding every now and then; as will I.

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Transforming Our Home

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Transforming Our Home

We bought our home in 2010 and moved in on 16 December – a public holiday in SA. The move was enough to make anyone refuse to budge their butts, but we managed to get through it; albeit in the pouring rain. I got an earache from the move that lasted about 6 weeks, a wonderful reminder of the transition that we were undertaking. The move coincided with a fabulous career move for me as well as the kids moving to a great new school, merely a block away from my new offices. We know it was all meant to be, and now with the fabulous changes taking place in transforming our home, this meant-to-be-ness is even more prevalent.

Some “before” snaps of 6 Albatross Drive

The Front Of Our House

The front of our house, taking down the tree

(left) This is the front of 6 Albatross, we had an enormous non-indigenous tree outside our bedroom window (the one with Mike in it) that blocked all the light into our room. This has since come down and our room is flooded with natural light every morning. That was the first step towards making our house, our home.

That wall next to our bedroom is a small courtyard outside our room that serves no real purpose. We’re going to extend our bathroom out into part of that area and make a beautiful atrium with the rest.

View  Of Our House From The Driveway

Frontal View From The Driveway


(right) This is the view from the front gate. The driveway is relatively long with loads of space in the front garden. The property is 1800sqm in total size, with ample space in both the front and the back.

The carport is going to be transformed into a double garage and Mike’s recording studio will be built on top. These will also be connected to the house by a hallway leading off from the front door.

View Of The Back Patio

View of the back patio from the pool



(left) This is the back of the house, as taken from the deep end of the pool. That door in the middle leads in towards the lounge and dining room area, to the left of the patio door is the current covered patio. A small space that doesn’t provide much shelter from rain. We’re going to brick in that covered area, throw in a door and make it a small bar that is accessible from inside or out. The new covered patio will then be covering that entire outside area just beyond the bar area and current patio door.

Bottom Of The Garden

Bottom of the garden, beyond the pool


(right) This is the bottom of the garden, just beyond the swimming pool. The garden comes to a very irregular point which wastes a bit of space. We’ve put all our compost heaps down in that corner, and to disguise it we’re going to build a boma and fire pit that will sit in front of it. This will also be complete with pizza oven for making fabulous vegetarian pizzas!

Being that we are blessed to be in South Africa, we might as well have ample space within which to enjoy the climate.

The Main Passageway

The main passageway past the lounge and dining room



(left) This passageway is left off the front door and leads past the lounge and dining room on the left and the soon-to-be bar on the right as well as the back patio door. At the end is the kitchen.

Note that everything is carpeted. In pale pink carpets. My absolute favourite… sarcasm intended.

Lounge Area

Left hand side of the lounge area




(right) The lounge isn’t going to change much, except that window will eventually be bricked up because the front hallway will be there leading onto the studio, double garage and of course into the house. The carpets will be removed and the walls will be painted. New curtains are needed and eventually new furniture too.

Current Dining Room

The current dining room



(left) The current dining room is perfectly sized, but we’re going to make it bigger. That wall outside the window is going to become the boundary of the scullery and the dining room will extend all the way out to make it much longer. That painting will be the positioning of a window that will open into the kitchen. There will be a counter top between the kitchen and dining room that will make it more open plan.

Downstairs TV Room

Downstairs TV room or second lounge



(right) The downstairs TV room is going to be tiled and painted. That door with the light on is the current kids’ bathroom. This door will lead to the 4th bedroom that needs to be built as well as another door to the new bathroom. This area is predominantly for the kids. We’ll get them their own TV and what not so that they can have their own little “zone” in which to be kids.

Our Bedroom Patio

The door to our bedroom patio




(left) This door leads off from our bedroom… an awesome addition except we don’t use it. Our current bathroom is really small so we will use part of the patio space to extend the bathroom and the rest will be converted into our divine atrium with water features. We’ll still have double doors leading off the bedroom and a massive window in the bathroom that also opens out onto the atrium.

We’ll also change the flooring in our room, paint the walls and make the walk in closet area (that archway) bigger so that I have more shoe space!

Exciting times ahead as we set about transforming our home. We are currently half way through the renovations so I’ll be documenting a lot of that soon.

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