Hayfever. The bane of my life…

I can go through an entire week maintaining optimum health, and then come Saturday morning I greet the day with a procession of sneezes. Like hundreds of them, and that is no lie. These accompanied with watering eyes and – for lack of a better word – snot, pouring out of my nose make for an overall attractive appearance just in time for the weekend. YAY! Where these attacks come from, no one knows. It could be a hundred different triggers working symbiotically to make me go out of my head, but trying to pinpoint it is much like the old cliche: trying to find a needle in a haystack.

A lengthy yoga session and a few neti pots* eventually tame the beast, but that isn’t before marginal exhaustion hits from 1 – 100 sneezes a minute.

I like to agree with one perspective I’ve heard on the whole hayfever thing. That all the sneezes, the pouring snot and watering eyes are a way to cleanse the body of something that is not supposed to be there. A bug, perhaps… or maybe something bigger, something deeper. Something emotional that I haven’t dealt with on my own and so now my body is reacting physically to purge itself of the damaging goods. A physical manifestation of something else that I haven’t been aware of, until now that I am processing it all. So every sneeze fest is actually a little bit of healing for my soul… I like that :)

*A neti pot is a little teapot looking thing that you fill with warm non iodated salted water. You then pour it into one nostril through the spout, tilt your head at the correct angle and wait for the warm salted water to pour out of the other nostril. It’s a bit weird at first but there is NOTHING that cleanses your nasal cavities as well as a neti. A neti before a yoga session is magic for your breathing.

One response to “Ah…ah…ah….AAAATISHOOOOOO!”

  1. Mike says:

    Shame love… Hope it passes soon.

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