Part 2: Ah…ah…ah….AAAATISHOOOOOO!

OK, so the neti pot was great, a miracle worker in a little ceramic space. It worked like the bomb – for about 10 minutes. I tried a brisk walk instead of the Yoga coz I couldn’t stop sneezing long enough to breathe, I tried some fresh fruit and chilled water. And waited. Patiently. While my brains poured out of my nose. It didn’t work… none of it. And it ain’t pleasant having to endure this for 5 hours on a Saturday when you’re supposed to be chilling…

So its now onto Plan B – Part 2 – la segunda parte ….

Drugs. Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals with antihystamine and phenylephedrine that will both cut down the sneezing hysteria as it weaves its way along this path to my destruction, AND make me feel super cool at the same time. Like suuuuper cooool maaaaan!

I’ll save the natural healing for tomorrow.

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