Pat O’Gorman – A friend lost from time and space…

He plays guitar…
A tribute song to the friend now lost from time and space
They draw, and I write
We pass the time, we hold onto each breath
The moments hanging heavy with the desperate sadness of such a great loss
Silence grips us
Broken only by the staccato sounds of anguished sobs of disbelief
And then by the fond laughter of a thousand memories
Scattered throughout the day, as we ride with bruised hearts on waves of emotion
The windows breathe gentle whispers of a fresh breeze through the house
Cooling the tear stained faces and drawing our gaze to the beautiful world outside
The world that carries on sun to moon
While our vulnerable selves ebb and flow with our daily routines
And all the while never knowing which moment will be our last
Living the invincible life like superheroes on steroids
With ends that are untouchable; unthinkable
Until the world blinks and you are gone, and we realise how fragile it all is

We love you. And miss you. And it will never be the same.

RIP Brother Pat

Until we meet again, think of us that you’ve left behind…

One response to “Pat O’Gorman – A friend lost from time and space…”

  1. Katherine Stott says:

    I miss you Pattie Pie. So much.

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