Hungover Domestic Goddess-ness (Day 6 of the 30 Day Trial)

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I often feel that incredible urge to go wild in the kitchen.. spend hours and hours of slicing, dicing, mashing, mixing and creating elaborate and inventive dishes. Lately – admittedly – I have not, as we have been eating mainly salads and as much raw food as possible. But every now and then my body tells me that it needs something and I have to combat hell and high water to make sure that I get it before spontaneously combusting!
This morning I woke up after an awesome drunken day and night out with my girlfriends and mates from high school; absolutely ravenous and about to suck the blood from my arm if I didn’t get something in my body quick! I do remember being starving last night, and somehow never actually made it past my wine glass to get something to eat! This morning, my body was telling me one thing and one thing only: I want scones with jam and cream. For real? Hungover as all hell and you want that?
I slept a little longer thinking that I could trick my body into wanting egg and toast instead, but nope. It wanted scones with jam and cream and there was no diverting it’s decision off track. 
So this is where the domestic goddess thing comes into play, because I couldn’t navigate a route around the bloody annoying (applogies to those who take part) 94.7 cycle race this morning, so I couldn’t get to a coffee shop to satisfy my craving. So I baked. Yes. I baked. Hungover as f*** and I baked scones; I whipped cream and I cut up the scones, spread jam on them and dropped a massive lump of whipped cream on top before satisfying my unending craving! How is THAT for Domestic Goddess-ness? Huh? Nigella, eat your heart out chick…. You ain’t got nothing on me! 
Hahahaha… oh geez this is too good! **A few minutes later…**

Lying on my bed writing this blog I smelled something burning. And realised it was part two of the scones in the oven – now burned to black charcoal after being forgotten in the oven. Hmmm. Nigella can have her title back! And I should just stay in bed before I hurt myself.

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