Husband time is so precious… (Day 12 of the 30 Day Trial)

Love is – Knowing that you’ll always have each other
Today has been another perfect day in the life of Kat Stott, and it is largely due to the incredible people that I am blessed to share my life with. Today was especially cool, because after waking up from the most luxurious sleep, I realised that the kids weren’t here and Mike and I actually had some time to ourselves. I love my kids to smithereens, but I also love moments when it is just “us”… :)
We always make time for each other, but this week has been taxing to say the least. In addition to all the “crap” that I have fought through it was also our end of year work functions, and neither occassion called for partners. We both partied all out and had aching bodies for the last two days from all the dancing… Awesome food, awesome venues, friends, fun, funky time… but all that was missing was each other. We saw each other on the morning of Mike’s function (Wednesday) and then after that again only on Friday morning during the morning rush to get to school and work. (Mike was completely KO the morning after his party, and I couldn’t actually wake him – though I tried – to say good bye as I left for work.)
Point is… we were like passing ships in the night for 48 hours, and it sucked! Who knew that such a seemingly short space of time would leave us feeling so empty, lost and estranged just because we weren’t with each other and hadn’t had the time to see each other? If ever you take something for granted I think that simple separation is enough to make you realise just how important that thing is in your life. Husband time is uber-precious to me… and something I will always take full advantage of whenever I can. Luckily I have a drop-dead gorgeous husband that is just perfectly divine in every way, so it’s easy!

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