Lack of sleep (Day 4 of the 30 Day Trial)

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The vicious circle of lack of sleep has caught up with me. All this concern and worry about other people has got my knickers in a knot, resulting in countless sleepless nights – tossing and turning while playing out scenarios of ugly confrontation in my head. So what do I do to counteract the slump I find myself in the next day? I drink copious amounts of coffee. Actually not copious… Just one or two, but the canteen makes them frikkin’ strong so they count as three in one! 
So then… I get home in the evening – all wirey and pumped up because I’ve been blitzing my brain with caffeine, and I can’t sleep. And so the cycle continues. *sigh* 
Just talking about it is exhausting me.
So finally… it is the weekend and I can find some semblance of a normal life again and in doing so find my Zen. I don’t have to think about work; I don’t have to think about the kids tonight because they are sleeping out; I don’t have to think about me, you, them or us… I can just BE. And by the time Sunday evening rolls around I will have found my balance again.How incredibly marvelous.
For now, Mike and I are going to go and burn off the caffeine with some spicy, tantalising and delicious curry from Ghazal. Oh happy flippin’ BEAUTIFUL days! Happy Kat.
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