The bigger picture is so vast… (Day 14 of the 30 Day Trial)

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Sometimes I lose sight of why it is that I do things… I put these plans in motion, I send all the thoughts, wants and desires out there into the Universe, and then when they come back I forget why it is that I wanted them in the first place. In these situations it is usually because I have lost my vantage point on what the final outcome will be further on down the line. I forget the enormity of what I’ve accomplished until I recollect my thoughts and track them back to the moment of inception.
What is completely and utterly profound (in such a way that it becomes absolutely awesome), is the fact that everything I want (like really really want), I get. The things that I convince myself that I will achieve (not can achieve… will achieve), I do. The things that I convince myself I will have, I receive. At the moment these wishes come true, it suddenly becomes so overwhelming that I actually get a little bit scared! The internal dialogue feeds off my doubt and fear, and I wrap myself into such a knot that I effectively back down from what I was trying to attain in the first place. A bit silly, but totally human!

About 3 months ago I set a plan in motion and in the last week I received the fruits of my labours. After the elation had died down I asked myself, “now what?” I couldn’t remember where I was headed with this plan of mine and I had totally lost my grip on the outcome, the reasoning and the absolute awesome-ness of the whole idea. It took me the entire day to see the bigger picture again; to recollect exactly where this element was going to fit into the grander scheme that I call my life. I guess it boils down to trust again… and just knowing that we are exactly where we are supposed to be at exactly the right time. I mean – I asked to be here, and that’s precisely what I got: Me. Here. Now. So now it is time to enjoy… :)

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  1. Mike Stott says:

    Dont be scared. I like the picture by the way… sexy babe xxx

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