The end of the year approacheth…

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And with it comes all the chaos of the silly season… But somehow, this year I am so together and so on top of it all. Life is just all strawberry daiquiris and margaritas at the moment and I’m loving the chilled attitude I’ve somehow inherited from the Earth. Don’t ask where it came from and how I lost my streak of lunacy, but the fact is I am all “ohm” and totally into it.
In the next two months before we hit 2011 aside from all the weekend wonders and day to day stuffs, Mike and I are going to pack relentlessly and say good-bye to our home; move into our NEW home; start making plans for renovations; we’re going to see The Beach Boys; experience the first Christmas in our own place – ours! Not mine, not his – OURS; have the family around for Christmas; Mike is going to turn 30, I am possibly going to venture into something new – that I don’t want to talk about yet; we’re going to escape to the bush and the beach and soak up the FABULOUS South African sun (with sunblock, hats and sunglasses on); as well as spend as much time as we can with the beautiful people around us – in the pool, in the sea, at the cable, drinking cocktails and Buitenverwachting Buiten Blanc, laughing, merry-making and eating  FRESH food from the bounty of Mother Nature’s womb (wow).
It might not sound like much to some, but what does that matter? Just thinking of the wondrous possibilities of all these divine days to come paints a little smile on my face :) (actually it’s quite big. More like a grin).
It might be too awesome for words, although I think I found a couple of those to express it all… :)
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