Waiting can be rewarding (Day 9 of the 30 Day Trial)

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So yesterday I was harping on about “looking for the signs” and how sometimes we need that guiding light to illuminate the way for us… when difficult decisions become too overbearing for us to consider. I was saying how I always have to analyse everything and make sure that I’m doing everything for the right reasons…
I had a lot on my mind yesterday, which is why I was pondering such stuff. In a way I was hoping to find some kind of resolution at the end of my blog, but it never presented itself. That is until today… The questions I was asking; the decision I had to make and the elements that were stringing it altogether had a secret meeting of their own and decided to simultaneously sort themselves out for me! Just like that… The questions were answered; the decision was made for me due to some additional information being added into the mix; the little elements? Well they just sat there and looked pretty for me while everything else just slotted so perfectly into place.
Sometimes sleeping on things is the way to go. A good friend of mine always used to say: ” If I ever feel like commiting suicide, I will have a sleep and then re-evaluate my decision afterwards.” Quite dark for an eye-opening quotation, but it sells exactly what I’m trying to say. Sometimes the decisions don’t need to be made there and then, even though it might seem life-threatening if they aren’t. Sometimes a little patience is all that is required for the knotted mess of thoughts, ideas and emotions to untangle themselves.

And sometimes sleep is the only answer…

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