You gotta fight… for your right… (Day 11 of the 30 Day Trial)

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So my little whirlwind of emotion slowed down and eventually came to a halt today. That was after everything spun out of control momentarily. But now everything is over, and the calm after the storm has been amazing. I am priveleged to be seeing the world from a completely fresh standpoint now, and the view is divine. Still, it was no easy task getting to where I am… The last 48 hours have tested me in every way possible, and I am so proud of myself for walking away having accomplished so much and having done it with a clean conscience and for the right reasons.
I know this makes absolutely no sense to anyone reading it, and I’m not about to share the gory details, because that won’t serve any purpose than to defame a person or people. I have no intention of sinking to a level that I would not be proud of. But essentially, I had the opportunity to finally speak up for what I believe in and for the things that were concerning me a few weeks ago. And hell… did I speak up. I let it all go! Every ounce of pent up frustration, every little drop of emotion, every sleepless night, every worry and concern… I let it all go in a fluid and compelling case of reason, truth and a little bit of fury. It was the perfect release!
Not only did I make my point, but I made it viable and I made it so coercive that my words are being considered, and my point of view is being seen as something that is worthy. I have created an avenue for perspective and an opportunity for change… And the best part about it is that there are no broken hearts or feelings of animosity.
I feel such a profound sense of freedom, and the weighlessness of being without a care in the world. You gotta fight… for your right…… to…. well whatever it is, it is worth fighting for if you truly believe in it with your heart and soul. And only good can come from such a noble battle.
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