A State of Bliss…… (Day 16 of the 30 Day Trial)

Sitting here savouring the last few days before everything changes, sipping some of my favourite wine and listening to the tunes we hand picked for our wedding CD (that we have yet to post to all of our guests… 8 months later). I am smiling inside at the realisation of where I am right now and how perfect it is.
A few moments ago I was sitting quietly (wine in hand), remembering our perfect day and how each song that we chose for our wedding was representative of a certain stage in our relationship and our lives together. And now listening to them again they evoke the exact same feelings that we were experiencing at that time. The song we walked down the grassy bank to (there was no aisle); the song we danced to as Mr and Mrs Stott; the songs we sang at the top of our lungs while driving down the road; songs we danced to in the TV room; songs that always reminded us of each other whenever we heard them… they were all a part and parcel of this ultimate journey that has been treating me so well. And now here I sit today with this incredible man, enjoying the same love and appreciation for him that has only matured and grown more beautiful with age.
I glance to my side and see the contract for my new job… my dream job, it seems. Looking ahead of me I see the naked nails poking out of the wall from where we’ve already packed our memorable photos into boxes. The changes are happening all around me and yet everything is still constant; peace surrounds me even though I’m surrounded by the chaos. I could quite possibly be the happiest I have ever been… or maybe that is also just another constant that I have been too busy to recognise? Aaaaah….. bliss.

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