Hauntings or Hogwash? (Day 19 of the 30 Day Trial)

This morning we had a very interesting breakfast conversation with some people we had just met. It was my sister’s birthday brunch and she had invited some friends from work. One of the ladies she works with had done a film shoot at the old Kempton Park Hospital (formerly known as the Khayalami Hospital), and there are many stories and controversies surrounding the venue and why it was shut down.
It closed in 1997, and the funny thing is that when it closed everything was just left as is, as if the people who were working there just put down their instruments, pens or food trays, and walked out the door. She said that there were registers open on the day that the hospital closed, with the pen that had been writing in the book resting on the pages… just left; abandoned and forgotten. Machines were switched off, beds were left unmade, gloves removed and lights turned off.
What has happened in the years to follow is that young kids, students and ghost hunters have used this venue as an exciting escape into the world of the paranormal. Their attempts at finding some eerie stories to share with the world have seemingly complicated the history, and now there is a massive shroud of tom-foolery and practical jokes covering up what could be a very intricate tale of sadness and loss. There is definitely an enthralling history within those walls, but which are the stories that you can believe? A Facebook group has been created, and some 8000 strong members have some strange (and stupid) stories to tell about their experiences when they visited the hospital.
What I find fascinating is that there are no squatters staying in the abandoned halls as you would find with most empty building in Jozi. This lady that I met said that people have tried to camp out there, stay over and explore the realms of this closed off world, yet none have made it past a few hours for fear of their paranoia’s or perhaps fear of something else? There is talk of doctor’s walking down hallways, a girl in a dress, strange smells and rooms that are either very warm or freezing cold.
From my side, I am compeltely drawn in and I want to go there myself. I do believe that there could be presences there, and I wouldn’t want to disturb them… I just have some perverted interest in the history and the stories that could be hiding within those walls. I will let you know what I find out… if I find anything. But there has also been mention of connections between the old Kempton Park / Khayalami Hospital and some form of human experimentation? Hmmm… the plot thickens.

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