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What a mission it is to move house! 
You never realise how much crap you accumulate over the years; even when you have been systematically cleaning it out every couple of months, it still builds up to the point where you actually want to run and hide from the chaos. Still, we managed to pack our life into neat little cardboard boxes and eagerly anticipated moving day. Only thing was that when it came we awoke to the divine sound of pouring rain outside. On any other day the sound of rain on the roof is absolute bliss… but on this day it made me want to get back under the covers and pretend that none of this was supposed to be happening.
No chance.
We got up and grabbed our caps, jackets and converse boots and got cracking. We must have moved 3 loads between the two houses before it actually cleared up and the sun started shining. Another 3 loads and then an extra trip to find our missing kitty’s and we were officially gatvol. Dragging our heels around and sighing at any given moment we finally reached our new home afer the last trip (with kitty’s in tow) and pretty much collapsed from exhaustion. We literally pushed ourselves to the limit – beyond any normal physical and mental limitations – and could do no more.
We did manage to gte up long enough to get takeaway pizza and a DVD, but even that was a task that warranted tears. I have never in my life experienced such a taxing exercise, and never want to repeat it again! Thank goodness for Mom’s on both sides, my sister and Ian and his crew… without them I think we wuld have just turfed all our funriture out on the highway and opted to buy new. It was a crap day.
Thanks to my excessive exploits, the running around in the rain, and forgetting to eat or drink anything all day, I got a wonderful ear infection – Otitis Media I believe it is called. It is still with me today; rattling my eardrum and making me succumb to my own little world where only I can be heard. I literally cannot hear through my right ear and it blows! Plus it is f*** off painful! Yup… happy days. 
But even through the rain, the pain (literally – my shoulders, back and butt are still aching) and the ear infection from hell, we have found another little slice of heaven to call our own. The house is gorgeous! It needs a makeover; the carpets need to be ripped out, the walls need to be painted elaborate colours and the garden needs to be transformed into an ingigenous paradise… But even without those little additions, it just feels so awesome to have our own space, that is mine as much as it is Mike’s. It is home. And I’m so thrilled to be here… earache and all :)
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