A Spark of Creativity and I’m on Fire!

Brian Steinhobel (and lightsabre)

It is no secret (anymore) that I have the most incredible job ever, and with it has come the opportunity to fly freely into a positively-charged creative space. This new environment has offered me so much of “me” in terms of giving back my energy and helping me uncover these dormant little secrets called “creativity” and “freedom of expression“. They were always there; just hidden under a pile of pragmatic poop. 

Every day has seen me uncover a little bit of this awesome~ness, with a particularly pertinent moment unfolding towards the end of this last week. Friday afternoon saw a bunch of us attending a talk by Brian Steinhobel; infamous Industrial Designer who is incredibly brilliant at the same time as being just a regular “ou”. It was an incredible honour to be sitting sharing casual chit-chat with this man, especially after he gave us a run-through of all the things he has (so far) accomplished in his life. I know that every person present walked out afterwards feeling nothing less than inspired; I for one felt a great sense of purpose, and a need to get on with things without hesitation.
One thing he mentioned to us, when faced with the “issue” of finding inspiration, was that he thoroughly enjoyed painting. I used to paint – really well, I might add – but when I did  brief calculation in my head, I realised that I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush with the purpose to create art in more than 10 years. How the hell did that fly by without me noticing? This is precisely my point. I have all these incredible talents; all this “stuff” in me that combines to form the person that I am, and yet half the time I don’t even acknowledge it, let alone bring it to life. Days go by, months and then years, and before I know it I’m pushing 34 and I’ve left a huge chunk of behind somewhere in my 20’s!

I have since decided that there is no time like the present to start painting again. Which is exactly what I did. Today! And it was so frikkin’ fabulous. I feel like I am on this road towards garnering all my super-hero strengths that were always so inherent in me. My hands were completely covered in acrylic  today (as were the floors) and my bursting heart was singing merry, little songs of joy as I swished the brush from one side of the canvas to the other. 
My heart swelled a little more as my son marvelled at my work saying that I was a professional! Not quite, but in his eyes I can be anything. In saying that, I think I need to adopt his vantage point and realise that I can be anything; I can do anything; I can paint! And I can be inspired. How utterly divine!
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