Can we Save Our Planet?

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We’ve just finished watching “Oceans“; a movie that I believe everyone should see. It is a French movie with English sub-titles, although the narration comes in small doses that are few and far between. At first I was feeling a little annoyed that there was no commentary supporting the beautiful, graceful creatures we watched floating around our screen. That was until I realised that this had been done on purpose; to unlock our senses and stretch deep down into our emotive cores. The imagery was there purely to evoke an emotional response; and it certainly did.
I spent the first hour of the movie in awe of these incredible beings that share this planet with us. Whales, dolphins, sharks, rays, fish, crabs, cormorants, seals… The list goes on. Their actions were mesmerising. Every now and then the narrator, Jacques Perrin, would softly quote some or other poignant piece of script that wasn’t related to fascinating ocean facts or underwater statistics. The message was clear: we are killing our oceans. There will be nothing left for future generations.

Without going into any detail about the actual movie I can say that it brought me to tears. It made me realise once again that man is a selfish beast who has declared this planet his own, without care or concern for the creatures that also call this globe home. I will not refer to the collective as “we”, because I do not share the same ideals as these people who rip the life and energy out of everything that is inherently good.

I cannot fathom the being that would steal the life of another; worse yet… the malicious monstrosity that can mutilate another being to the point where it cannot survive any further, and then toss it away (still breathing) to die a slow and possibly painful death. A friend recently said that fish don’t have any feelings, which I can appreciate and agree with. But they are still beings that hold life. The shark who is stripped of its fin and tail and thrown back into the ocean to die is still a living, breathing creature. Like you. Like me. What gives any mortal soul the right to separate life from another creature, pulling them apart like taking mother from child?

I know that human consciousness is growing, and that with each day there is another person who realises that we are all connected. I do realise that people are starting to see that by killing a shark or a dolphin, we are killing a part of ourselves, we are stealing life from our own source; from Mother Nature. But how many creatures, how many beautiful beings have to die before the rest of the world realises?

The closing words of the movie were something along the lines of it never being too late to make a change, and it isn’t. It is never too late to care. But people need to start waking the f*** up now.

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