Getting the juices flowing…

Nope, that is not as bad as it sounds :) 
I have just finished my first week at Quirk (albeit a 3 day week), and I can feel a part of me opening up to new ideas, new inspiration and a whole world of possibility. I feel as though I have been living the last few months under the impression that being creative was an automatic process. It has taken me 3 days to realise that my creative energy needs nurturing… it needs to be fed, to be taught. 
Why did I neglect this for so long?
The answer comes with a pointless discussion, but what better time to embark on yet another journey of self-discovery and exploration than the beginning of 2011? And what better place than in a small little society of incredibly talented little Quirkstars?
I’m so amped – I love my new job – this year is going to be bloody marvelous! Happy Belated New Year!

2 responses to “Getting the juices flowing…”

  1. soraya says:

    Im so happy my friend you finally realised you deserve better because you are better!!!!
    so amazing! lots of love for this coming year and good luck on your new adventure
    we need to meet to gossip about it :-)

  2. Katherine Stott says:

    Thanks my friend… I really appreciate it! I miss you guys so much, but I definitely made the right move :)
    YES! Goss session needed asap! x x x

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