Joining the Ranks of the Techno-Geeks

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It was time for me to upgrade my phone a little while ago… a simple case of just going to MTN, finding the latest and greatest deal and walking away with a new phone. My last chosen upgrade was based on the fact that I got a free X-Box with the world’s most inadequate Samsung phone. Not a good move since even the X-Box is now broken from overuse and abuse, and the Samsung lasted all of about 1 year and 2 months.

As one of my new bosses so rightly said of me recently, I am not very “tech savvy” and my standpoint on the use of mobile phones has always been for making calls, sending the odd sms, or for waking me up in the morning. So what gives with all the fancy gadgets? Why do I need a camera on my phone when I’ve got a perfectly cool point and click as well as a spanking Canon 550D? I can log onto the internet at home or at work… don’t need my phone for that. GPS? Blah! I’ve got a great sense of direction.

That was until yesterday, when I walked into MTN to upgrade my phone and found out that they had just received stock of the infamous iPhone 4’s. Hmmm. I also discovered that a tasty little 300 Mb data bundle came at a ridiculously low price, offering me everything I thought I didn’t need with the simple application of signature to paper. The hypocrite to my hippie ways succumbed and I am now the proud owner of the sexiest phone I have ever possessed. I am also totally addicted to its adept and ingenious ways, and can see how this phone would break up relationships! I spent the entire day fiddling with it and finding my way, relishing in the clever little applications and amazing interface.

I can now freely and openly admit with little restraint, that I am a total convert. iPhone; you rock! And I am so glad to have met you… Little R300 Nokia, I loved you and you were always there for me but you are a much better match for my 7 year old son.

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2 responses to “Joining the Ranks of the Techno-Geeks”

  1. Alex Charalambides says:

    Pah! iPhones are for Apple fanboi's and make for great drinks mats! To use a famous paraprosdokian, "If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.".

    He he he he, gratz on the new phone :)

    …and yes, I just wanted an excuse to use paraprosdokian in a sentence.

  2. Katherine Stott says:

    Back to the ol' Apple versus PC debate! I am totally pro-Apple, even though I use a PC. You'd be a convert within seconds! 😛

    And to quote my own paraprosdokian:
    The last thing I want to do is hurt you; but it is still on the list!

    Muahahahahahahahaha x x x

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