Perspective is Like a Cup of Tea

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We decide how we want it to taste, we decide how we want it to look… We make it just the way that we like it, the way that we are used to having it. But certain factors can change the perfect cup of tea; it goes cold from sitting for too long, it tastes weird because the milk is going off… There are many external factors that can influence the final outcome of our fresh brew.
The perspective that we choose to have on life is not far off from the perfect (or sometimes, not so perfect) cup of tea. 
  • We choose how we want it to taste; every experience that we savour is born from our own decisions.
  • We choose how we want it to look; life’s beautiful portrait is ours to paint, with whatever elements of colour and substance we want to have in there.
  • Milky, straight-up, sweet or not; our perspective on life is perfect because it is our own creation.
There are a myriad external influences that impact on our “perfect perspective”… Be it negatively or positively. Friends, family, work, stress, traffic (mmm…. loving that). What we choose to let in to sway our perspective is again, of our own choosing… But then we mustn’t be surprised when the tea is too sweet, or it has that familiar and unwelcome undertone of sour milk.
Sometimes a different taste is a welcome change; sometimes we learn to enjoy our perspective from a different angle until it becomes the norm. And sometimes all we want is what is familiar… even if it is bad for us. In saying all of this, my mom will argue that all we need is a good cup of tea to change our perspective.

Ok, I’m all “analogied out”. Good night, world.

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