Legends, Birthday Presents and Drum Kits

Have drum kit; will make noise
So yesterday was my dad’s birthday: 6th of February 2011. I can’t for the life of me think how old he would have been. It’s been so long since he was here that I still think of him as the unchanged man who was before me in the months before he died, and (if memory serves) he was 51 years old. This was in 1997, so a quick calculation would make him… (momentary pause as she reaches for the calculator) 65 years old today. Happy birthday for yesterday, Christakis Nicolau Charalambides (Dad)!
We were lounging around at home yesterday, oblivious to the fact that it was the anniversary of dad’s birth. I am not sure if my sneaky mother timed her visit in accordance with this, but she decided she was going to drop by. Out of the blue she called to say she was coming over and bringing dad’s old drum kit with her. To fill you in: My dad was an incredible drummer, and played in a cover band called “No Parking”, who – in my opinion – were the shizz when I was a young girl. I was always so proud going to watch him at various gigs and gatherings, and I still recall the expression of concentration on his face as he led the rhythm for the rest of the band. Every now and then I would catch his eye and he’d wink at me resulting in an enormous grin on my part. Random little moments like that still stick in my mind as if they occurred only yesterday. Anyway…
His drum kit had been sitting in storage for years before my mom got a quotation on it, and found it to be a very valuable antique. The monetary value in no way compares to the sentimental value that it has for me so I refused to let her sell it, and now it is mine. Mike is going to help me assemble it, and then I am going to wreak havoc on the neighbourhood with vim and vigour. Oh how I cannot wait *insert evil grin here*.
I was randomly tweeting and messing around on my phone yesterday when I realised that this beautiful gift had been presented to me on none other than Dad’s birthday. It couldn’t have been more apt. If I could have rumbled through a tribute solo I would have done so there and then, but I did so in my heart.  
His legend lives on in so many ways, and now this is just another element of Dad that I bring in to our daily lives. And noisily so…

3 responses to “Legends, Birthday Presents and Drum Kits”

  1. Barrulus says:

    That is EXCELLENTO! What better way to remember your dad and pay him tribute than communicating with your/his drums?!

    Emma got a set which we have in our bedroom and she bangs away at them every now and then, when she is pre-occupied or angry and wants to vent, or simply when she has too much on her mind and wants to block it all out.
    Hopefully she will get lessons and actually learn… hopefully you will too!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    What a perfect way to celebrate such a wonderful person. Awesome way to take that amazing spirit that lives on within you all (as well as all of us)and have him live on. He was 2 yeas younger than my mom, so that would have made him 66 this birthday I believe as he would have turned 52 that Feb. Lovely tribute my sweet cuzzie and he would be so proud of you all. That cheeky grin and wink stole everyone's heart! Love you xxx

  3. Katherine Stott says:

    @Liz – Aaaah yes that is correct! I was calculating from how old he was when he died… Thanks my cuz. I love you so much!
    @Barry – I know! I saw Em's drumkit on Facebook which made me think of Dad's – that is kind of how this whole thing evolved… I want to go for lessons with Kyle (he played drums for Unwritten)…
    Watch this space!!! Love you guys x x x

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