Bunny For Your Thoughts?

Anyone who knows us Stotts well enough will know that in the last two weeks we have been encountering some peculiar circumstances. Out of the blue there has been a serious influx of animals moving towards our general vicinity… especially animals of the rabbit variety. Before I waffle about the rabbits, there have also been birds, frogs, locusts, crickets and odd looking beetles… but it is the bunnies that have been leaving us scratching our heads and wondering WTF!
White Lightning
Last week Sunday we woke at 6am to the kids screaming that there was a rabbit in the dining room. “Yah, yeah… mmmm… snore.” The snoring continued until the shrill pitch in their voices convinced us that perhaps there was something to be investigated, and sure enough… there was a baby rabbit (a very cute one) sitting in our dining room. We petted it, gave it a name and decided to keep it. His name was “White Lightning”.
White Lightning immediately settled in as part of the family, that was until a few hours later when something mysterious happened and he seemed to have broken his spine. All of a sudden, he couldn’t stand up on all fours properly and about half an hour later he died. After only a few hours of being with him we had become extremely attached. We were devastated. We all cried, even poor Kyle who happened to be visiting was traumatised by the whole event. So we decided we would buy another bunny in a wildly emotional attempt to numb our pain.
Black Magic
So off we trot, to the pet shop. We bought a little black baby dwarf bunny and named her “Black Magic”. The day seemed much brighter although our hearts were still being tugged back towards thoughts of little White Lightning. Still, we needed to devote our love and attention to Black Magic, so we did.
The week passed and soon it was Saturday. We were all chilling doing our thing, Mike was taking a nap, I was working on an assignment and Amber and her friend were watching a movie. The patio door was open, fresh air streaming into the house. Mike got up and moments later shouted that the dogs had eaten the bunny. “What?” He had found the fluffy bunny tail on the floor with nothing else except signs of a  struggle. I looked outside, and there on the lawn were my two beautiful dogs happily snacking on our precious little ball of fluff. I can’t explain the horror. As I keep on saying, “This is nature”, but nothing prepares you for seeing your little bunny comprised of only two back paws and bloody entrails.
We all cried, we lashed out furiously at the poor dogs, cried some more and melted into a pit of sadness. “No more bunnies!” We all decided that enough was enough, and we couldn’t face the emotional trauma of losing another one. We buried her in silence, and then did our best not to think about the horrors of the day.
White Lightning 2
Sunday morning comes, Mike had to work, I was diligently working on my assignment when I decided I needed a snack. I started to walk down the hallway towards the kitchen when I saw an apparition? A hallucination? A product of some dodgy grass or mushrooms I had consumed back in my day? Nope. It was a real live baby bunny. In my kitchen. WTF!? I have no words.
Please join me as we welcome White Lightning the 2nd to our family. *sigh*
As a sidenote; bunnies are meant to symbolise new life around the corner – aha! And let us not forget that it is the year of the rabbit!

3 responses to “Bunny For Your Thoughts?”

  1. Katherine Stott says:

    All the bunnies are now gone… my (horrible) dog Tai climbed in our bedroom window while we were at work and ransacked the bunny cage until White Lightning 2 fell out. I hope she had a heart attack (as is common in bunnies) before she was eaten.
    No more bunnies. Ever. The end.

    • This bunny trilogy is amazing! I cannot believe it…I see that the last post where lightning 2 mysteriously goes to the big rabbit hutch in the sky is dated April 1st? Is it true? I am slightly horrifed…especially at the fact that your note states that bunnies are supposed to symbolise new beginnings and all….

  2. Katherine Stott says:

    Craziest shit ever! Was it the 1st? I dunno… we were horrified when we got the first bunny and then found out about the new beginnings thing… and then it dies! We thought it was some morbid translation of our lives or something equally as horrible. And then there was the 2nd one. And the 3rd. Too much, I tell you. But we are all relieved that we don’t have any more bunnies… we just weren’t cut out for them.

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