1 Year Anniversary at The Soul Khaya

Getting married at Lethabo EstateOur very 1st wedding anniversary came along today, the 3rd of April 2011. The kids were away with my Mom so we could literally do whatever we chose and decided to commemorate our special day by travelling back to the place where Mike and I chose to get married: Lethabo Estate. Only this time, we took a slight detour before we reached the entrance and headed for a little place on the opposite hillside called The Soul Khaya. Most certainly a “home for the soul” as we were soon to find out. We arrived just before 9am and were greeted by an incredible sweeping view over the valley of the Crocodile River, all the way down to Lethabo Estate.

Healthy, vegetarian breakfastWe were led to a private “couples room” and then out onto a small verandah where we were to feast on a delectable vegetarian breakfast – much to my delight. The view was immaculate. The food was even better! A fresh fruit platter consisting of melon, apple, peach, grapes and pineapple served with ice-cold fresh orange juice, warm croissants with jam and cheese, freshly baked cappuccino muffins, yoghurt and muesli and a pot of chamomile tea. The perfect (healthy) start to a gorgeous day and my idea of what every breakfast should be like. Soon enough we were patting our bellies and gazing out onto the valley below, completely satisfied.

A little while later, Mathilda, one of our gorgeous therapists, asked us to put on our cozzies and robe up for some Love and 1 Year of Happy Marriageindulgence on the front verandah. We followed her out to the front where two little stations of blissful comfort were set up, one for each of us. We both sat down and resigned ourselves to the magic of our therapists as they soaked our feet in warm rose water and then proceeded to scrub them and smother them in a delectable body butter. At the same time they asked us to choose a stone from a bowl sitting between us. Each stone had something written on it and as luck would have it, we both chose stones with the words “Love” on them. Without saying a word, we smugly decided this was a sign of how in tune we are with each other.

1.5 Hour Aromatherapy MassageOnce our feet were polished and preened they were placed back into our slippers and rested on footstools in front of us. We were each given a deliciously soft blanket to cover up with before we closed our eyes and unwound into a guided meditation. Breathing in rainbows and breathing out shooting stars, we succumbed to the melodic notes of our host’s voice as we slipped away for 10 minutes of internal reflection and relaxation. Opening my eyes to the world again afterwards was like seeing colour for the first time; the trees were more than green and the sky a triumphant blue. It was magical. When we were ready we shuffled off to the Jacuzzi that overlooked the valley, popped a bottle of Champers and wallowed in the warm, bubbly delights of not having anything else to do except chill. After a lengthy time of Jacuzzi joy, the moment we had been waiting for arose; the 1.5 hour aromatherapy massage.

Knowing that I was pregnant they were very careful not to use any oils that could affect the baby, so I was indulged The View from our massage beds atThe Soul Khayawith the sweet scent of virgin coconut oil. I cannot explain the sheer delight that my body experienced; from my toes to the top of my head… every little muscle was attended to with the greatest of care and consideration. Wherever I needed a little extra pressure, Mathilda was there without being asked. She knew the location of each and every muscle and nurtured them exactly as my mind’s voice was asking her to. I was in heaven. Mike having never had a professional massage before was left with a dopey grin on his face afterwards; clearly experiencing the same euphoric responses as me! The greatest and smallest detail that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside was when I turned over to lie on my stomach; there below the face-hole in the massage bed was my little “Love” stone staring straight up at me. This tiny little application of thoughtfulness just sealed the deal for me and resigned my mind, body and soul into an arena of absolute calm and serenity.

Neither of us wanted it to end but as all good things do,  it had to. We got dressed and said our goodbyes and thank yous and slowly weaved out way out of the country towards home. Our day couldn’t have been more perfect and I would highly recommend the Couples Package at The Soul Khaya. For something tranquil, indulgent, divine and romantic… you cannot go wrong.

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  1. Mike Stott says:

    What an amazing morning!

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