10 Things I Love About You

I randomly wrote a mail to my husband today sharing 10 random things that I love about him. No reason behind it, just because.

Not expecting him to write back, I was pretty much over-the-moon when he did with his own version of 10 things he loves about me! I can’t tell you how it made my heart soar… and I’m pretty sure it did the same for him on the other side.

Mike and Kat10 things I Love About You

From Kat to Mike – in no particular order

  1. The fact that you are undeniably sexy
  2. You are so tall… I love that, it makes me feel safe when you hold me
  3. You’re so attentive
  4. You’re patient, especially with me – the Queen of Impatience!
  5. You have a heart the size of Texas – which I’ve heard is quite big
  6. You’re an amazing, generous lover
  7. You’re a great dad. Strict and firm, yet loving and caring at the same time
  8. You have incredible shoulders, that are getting sexier with every push-up
  9. You’re cheeky, cocky and have a wicked, dry sense of humour
  10. You love me, and I know it. I feel it, I never have to doubt it

From Mike to Kat – in no particular order

  1. You are super-hot, Greek goddess hot!
  2. You are the perfect size for me, tall girls freak me out!
  3. You are strong willed and will always try get what you want in a good way
  4. I love the fact that you always want to help the needy (even though I don’t haha)
  5. You are super friendly and confident and make new friends easily(something I wish I was good at)
  6. You love sexy time as much as me…
  7. I love the fact that the perfect evening for you is DVD’s and dinner at home in the company of each other and the kiddies. Simple pleasures make you happy and stupid things like being seen /cool don’t matter to you.
  8. You are an amazing mom who always puts her kids first (something I have trouble with)
  9. You are not afraid to speak your mind even if it means a big ass jock will potentially get out of his car and try to beat us/me down…
  10. I love that you love me despite all my side effects… I hate my shoulders by the way

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