The Greenside Cafe: A Vegan & Vegetarian Paradise

Mother’s Day saw me getting spoiled by my beautiful husband and family. Given my current circumstances (not Vegetarian Version Of The Full English Breakfastbeing able to eat anything except sugar free, wheat free, dairy free delights), we went for breakfast at the Greenside Cafe, where the menu was filled with amazing food that is on my free-to-eat list.

We arrived to a beautiful, clean, clear space; bright with the late morning sun and already bustling with health freaks and yogis. The menu was crammed with the stuff vegetarian dreams are made of, with every item available in a vegan variety too. When Mike ordered his cappuccino (damn nice looking cappuccino I might add) he had the option of dairy cream or vegan cream. Really? We have choices? I had a banana and pear smoothie and the kids had thee most decadent looking dairy free hot chocolate. Remember the movie, Chocolat? It is one of my favourites. In the movie, Juliette Binoche makes the most tempting, devilishly divine hot chocolate that captivates the hearts and minds of the village people. This… was that hot chocolate. Somehow, the Greenside Cafe figured out what makes pure, rich, decadent hot chocolate and they sell it for R26 or thereabouts.

For breakfast, Mike and I each had a full English breakfast – vegetarian of course! Scrambled tofu (which tasted exactly like, if not better than eggs), refried Mexican beans, haloumi cheese (which I sadly had to hand over to my daughter – no dairy), grilled tomato and mushrooms and loads of other hidden tastes, all served with rye toast and vegan butter. It was so delicious, I felt myself become momentarily transported off into a state of nirvana.

Everything is made from natural ingredients and is made with love. Other menu items such as the Yogi Pizza and Crumble of the Day peaked my interested but couldn’t fit in my tummy, so I’ll definitely be going back soon for a re-run. I don’t think there are many better ways to spend a Sunday morning (Mother’s Day et al) than eating scrumptious food and watching the world go by under the South Africa sun… highly recommended!

Find the Greenside Cafe on Gleneagles, just a few shops down from Karma.

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