Say What You Feel; Feel What You Say

We live in a day and age where anything can be communicated at the touch of a button. We can contact people in different time zones, send photographs of ourselves to the web with immediate effect and have live chats with family members located on separate continents. Business can be conducted from literally anywhere, as well as from the dock of our mobile phones. We have come so far, advanced in so many great ways on a technological level! And yet… there are still those among us who cannot find it in themselves to own up to their own feelings and express them, openly and honestly. Has the advance of technology stunted our emotional growth? It probably has nothing to do with it, but I thought the analogy of progression was quite fitting when faced with people who are so emotionally stunted that they cannot, or will not, actually just be honest.

It baffles me. How do people actually find satisfaction in themselves by not being true to their thoughts and emotions?

I am by no means a perfect individual, in fact I know that I have many faults. But I admit to them. I’m respectful enough to myself to say that I can be overly judgmental or I can be a passive aggressive at times. But this is in my nature, this is my truth and I honour it. I also have enough respect for the people around me to tell them that they’re pissing me off, or they’ve upset me. I don’t sit in a corner and snidely slag them off, I’ll confront them and let them know that I feel I’ve been wronged by them. Why can’t everyone do the same?

If I am really annoying the crap out of you then I’d appreciate it if you would tell me. If you feel that perhaps I could be doing more to be supportive of you then by all means – let the cat out of the bag! How are people supposed to grow as individuals and how are relationships supposed to thrive in all environments if not all the elements are tried, tested and true?

I often wonder about my pet hates. There are those obvious ones: cruelty to animals, people who destroy the planet without a care in the world, most BMW drivers and the occasional Porsche driver too. But these are all obvious and some are just silly little irks. When I think of a pet hate, something that really rubs me up the wrong way, I’d have to say that I cannot stand people who are (as my beautiful friend, Hayley puts it) “fake fine”. They are your “friends”, they accommodate you when you are face to face by conversing with you, smiling at you and generally putting on a great show of affection and everything is “fine” between you and them! But in essence you know that there is something lacking. There is a little something called genuine warmth and depth of emotion missing. And no matter how hard you look for it, you won’t find it. Because it just is not present in that persons’ interactions with you.

So why fake it? Why the hell would you pretend to like someone when you clearly don’t? Why would you waste so much precious energy pretending to be someone you’re not, liking something you don’t and smiling at someone who you think doesn’t deserve it?

I would ask anyone who can resonate with what I’m saying to actually own up to themselves, be straight up with their hearts and those around them and just tell it like it is! If that means that a bunch of people are going to come to me today and say “Kat, I really don’t like you and I’m just going through the motions to pretend I do,” I’ll actually hug them, thank them and tell them not to give it a second thought. Because being true to yourself takes guts and I have the utmost respect for the person who actually commands it.

Life is too short and we don’t get enough time to spend with those that we love. I refuse to waste a single second pretending to get on with someone, when I actually want to spend quality time with the people in my life that really matter and make a difference.

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