Transforming Our Home

We bought our home in 2010 and moved in on 16 December – a public holiday in SA. The move was enough to make anyone refuse to budge their butts, but we managed to get through it; albeit in the pouring rain. I got an earache from the move that lasted about 6 weeks, a wonderful reminder of the transition that we were undertaking. The move coincided with a fabulous career move for me as well as the kids moving to a great new school, merely a block away from my new offices. We know it was all meant to be, and now with the fabulous changes taking place in transforming our home, this meant-to-be-ness is even more prevalent.

Some “before” snaps of 6 Albatross Drive

The Front Of Our House

The front of our house, taking down the tree

(left) This is the front of 6 Albatross, we had an enormous non-indigenous tree outside our bedroom window (the one with Mike in it) that blocked all the light into our room. This has since come down and our room is flooded with natural light every morning. That was the first step towards making our house, our home.

That wall next to our bedroom is a small courtyard outside our room that serves no real purpose. We’re going to extend our bathroom out into part of that area and make a beautiful atrium with the rest.

View  Of Our House From The Driveway

Frontal View From The Driveway


(right) This is the view from the front gate. The driveway is relatively long with loads of space in the front garden. The property is 1800sqm in total size, with ample space in both the front and the back.

The carport is going to be transformed into a double garage and Mike’s recording studio will be built on top. These will also be connected to the house by a hallway leading off from the front door.

View Of The Back Patio

View of the back patio from the pool



(left) This is the back of the house, as taken from the deep end of the pool. That door in the middle leads in towards the lounge and dining room area, to the left of the patio door is the current covered patio. A small space that doesn’t provide much shelter from rain. We’re going to brick in that covered area, throw in a door and make it a small bar that is accessible from inside or out. The new covered patio will then be covering that entire outside area just beyond the bar area and current patio door.

Bottom Of The Garden

Bottom of the garden, beyond the pool


(right) This is the bottom of the garden, just beyond the swimming pool. The garden comes to a very irregular point which wastes a bit of space. We’ve put all our compost heaps down in that corner, and to disguise it we’re going to build a boma and fire pit that will sit in front of it. This will also be complete with pizza oven for making fabulous vegetarian pizzas!

Being that we are blessed to be in South Africa, we might as well have ample space within which to enjoy the climate.

The Main Passageway

The main passageway past the lounge and dining room



(left) This passageway is left off the front door and leads past the lounge and dining room on the left and the soon-to-be bar on the right as well as the back patio door. At the end is the kitchen.

Note that everything is carpeted. In pale pink carpets. My absolute favourite… sarcasm intended.

Lounge Area

Left hand side of the lounge area




(right) The lounge isn’t going to change much, except that window will eventually be bricked up because the front hallway will be there leading onto the studio, double garage and of course into the house. The carpets will be removed and the walls will be painted. New curtains are needed and eventually new furniture too.

Current Dining Room

The current dining room



(left) The current dining room is perfectly sized, but we’re going to make it bigger. That wall outside the window is going to become the boundary of the scullery and the dining room will extend all the way out to make it much longer. That painting will be the positioning of a window that will open into the kitchen. There will be a counter top between the kitchen and dining room that will make it more open plan.

Downstairs TV Room

Downstairs TV room or second lounge



(right) The downstairs TV room is going to be tiled and painted. That door with the light on is the current kids’ bathroom. This door will lead to the 4th bedroom that needs to be built as well as another door to the new bathroom. This area is predominantly for the kids. We’ll get them their own TV and what not so that they can have their own little “zone” in which to be kids.

Our Bedroom Patio

The door to our bedroom patio




(left) This door leads off from our bedroom… an awesome addition except we don’t use it. Our current bathroom is really small so we will use part of the patio space to extend the bathroom and the rest will be converted into our divine atrium with water features. We’ll still have double doors leading off the bedroom and a massive window in the bathroom that also opens out onto the atrium.

We’ll also change the flooring in our room, paint the walls and make the walk in closet area (that archway) bigger so that I have more shoe space!

Exciting times ahead as we set about transforming our home. We are currently half way through the renovations so I’ll be documenting a lot of that soon.

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