We Can’t Forget – Happy Birthday, Pat

Happy Birthday Pat!Pat O'Gorman... we miss you

We miss you so much. Time will never fill the void you’ve left in our lives and every day we wish for it to be different.

Love forever in boundless amounts!

Kat & Mike x x x


~ 14th September 2011


The day you graced the world with you

A moment born

A flash of fate

A second to bring your soul to earth


A certain beauty captured you

Kept you safe

In your human shell

A delicate creation from Earth’s bounty

To live and love and breathe with us

Until mortal glory reached its end


For every day

Each hour, each laugh

We hold onto thoughts

Like treasures of ours

Frozen time with colour alive

Pixelated with elements of you

To feel but not see

To remember but not be


We remember


We remember it all

Eyes that loved, that knew our depths

Smiles that stretched to laughter

In all stupidity

In all seriousness

In all love and true friendship

We remember it all


We remember


How it all changed

Forcing us to grapple for memory

Fight for reminders

We remember without wanting to believe


The day you took the world with you

The moment gone

The crush of fate

A second to take your soul away… good bye dear friend


We can’t ever forget… and won’t. RIP brother Pattie Attie x x x

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