The Shroud of Secrecy Surrounding Black Tuesday

Living in South Africa, you’d know how the gloom of today is not merely a reflection of the weather. Yesterday was Black Tuesday; a day in South African history that will forever be marked as inconceivable yet true. The SA government voted in favour of the Secrecy Bill that will allow corruption to run rife through our political veins, without the journalistic world being able to comment on it. Legally, that is. How one could even fathom the introduction of such a law is beyond each and every rational mind and is something that the upstanding members of our communities have been fighting against for months. Petitions have brought the passing of this bill to a standstill before and perhaps old Jacob Zuma will do what is right and not put his stamp of approval on it, thereby allowing it to become law. My suspicions are against old JZ at this time, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end!

We all foresee a future where investigative journalism is about to become the enemy of the state; but at the same time we all know that every journalist worth his salt would more than likely now fight even harder to expose the truth. It’s been said that every ANC member of parliament was ordered to be present for the vote yesterday, producing a dominant force that would overthrow any decisions to do away with this bill. In addition to them being in attendance, each and every ANC member was also apparently ordered to vote in favour of the bill; whether they wanted to or not. What does this say for the ruling party? Not only do they want to enforce something so heinous that it insults the very intellectual capacity of our people, but they are also squashing any personal opinion or goodwill for the country that any of their members of parliament could hope to bring to the table.

I know I annoy the crap out of people with my eternal optimism; always looking for the ray of hope that indicates to me that everything will be fine. But I truly feel that this entire debacle will cause a host of ANC voters to wake up and shift places towards a vantage point facing the DA. How could any intelligent human being actually support something that is to the detriment of their country and their own personal wellbeing? In my opinion, the ANC have just shafted themselves royally and they can prepare for a number of lost supporters from those who actually understand the implications of this ridiculous bill. To me, they are just further proving to the world that they are a bunch of monkeys in suits with a dangerous amount of power in their hands, forcing their insane plans on a wealth of people who are too clever and too much in love with their country to not do anything about it.

Watch this space. All hope is not lost; in fact this might be the explosion that launches the ANC into oblivion where they belong. In the great and really catchy words of Journey: “Don’t stop believin’, hold onto that feeling!” Yes, it’s grey and miserable outside, but inside I’m feeling rather warm and positive.



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