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We Can’t Forget – Happy Birthday, Pat

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We Can't Forget - Happy Birthday, Pat

Happy Birthday Pat!Pat O'Gorman... we miss you

We miss you so much. Time will never fill the void you’ve left in our lives and every day we wish for it to be different.

Love forever in boundless amounts!

Kat & Mike x x x


~ 14th September 2011


The day you graced the world with you

A moment born

A flash of fate

A second to bring your soul to earth


A certain beauty captured you

Kept you safe

In your human shell

A delicate creation from Earth’s bounty

To live and love and breathe with us

Until mortal glory reached its end


For every day

Each hour, each laugh

We hold onto thoughts

Like treasures of ours

Frozen time with colour alive

Pixelated with elements of you

To feel but not see

To remember but not be


We remember


We remember it all

Eyes that loved, that knew our depths

Smiles that stretched to laughter

In all stupidity

In all seriousness

In all love and true friendship

We remember it all


We remember


How it all changed

Forcing us to grapple for memory

Fight for reminders

We remember without wanting to believe


The day you took the world with you

The moment gone

The crush of fate

A second to take your soul away… good bye dear friend


We can’t ever forget… and won’t. RIP brother Pattie Attie x x x

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Say What You Feel; Feel What You Say

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We live in a day and age where anything can be communicated at the touch of a button. We can contact people in different time zones, send photographs of ourselves to the web with immediate effect and have live chats with family members located on separate continents. Business can be conducted from literally anywhere, as well as from the dock of our mobile phones. We have come so far, advanced in so many great ways on a technological level! And yet… there are still those among us who cannot find it in themselves to own up to their own feelings and express them, openly and honestly. Has the advance of technology stunted our emotional growth? It probably has nothing to do with it, but I thought the analogy of progression was quite fitting when faced with people who are so emotionally stunted that they cannot, or will not, actually just be honest.

It baffles me. How do people actually find satisfaction in themselves by not being true to their thoughts and emotions?

I am by no means a perfect individual, in fact I know that I have many faults. But I admit to them. I’m respectful enough to myself to say that I can be overly judgmental or I can be a passive aggressive at times. But this is in my nature, this is my truth and I honour it. I also have enough respect for the people around me to tell them that they’re pissing me off, or they’ve upset me. I don’t sit in a corner and snidely slag them off, I’ll confront them and let them know that I feel I’ve been wronged by them. Why can’t everyone do the same?

If I am really annoying the crap out of you then I’d appreciate it if you would tell me. If you feel that perhaps I could be doing more to be supportive of you then by all means – let the cat out of the bag! How are people supposed to grow as individuals and how are relationships supposed to thrive in all environments if not all the elements are tried, tested and true?

I often wonder about my pet hates. There are those obvious ones: cruelty to animals, people who destroy the planet without a care in the world, most BMW drivers and the occasional Porsche driver too. But these are all obvious and some are just silly little irks. When I think of a pet hate, something that really rubs me up the wrong way, I’d have to say that I cannot stand people who are (as my beautiful friend, Hayley puts it) “fake fine”. They are your “friends”, they accommodate you when you are face to face by conversing with you, smiling at you and generally putting on a great show of affection and everything is “fine” between you and them! But in essence you know that there is something lacking. There is a little something called genuine warmth and depth of emotion missing. And no matter how hard you look for it, you won’t find it. Because it just is not present in that persons’ interactions with you.

So why fake it? Why the hell would you pretend to like someone when you clearly don’t? Why would you waste so much precious energy pretending to be someone you’re not, liking something you don’t and smiling at someone who you think doesn’t deserve it?

I would ask anyone who can resonate with what I’m saying to actually own up to themselves, be straight up with their hearts and those around them and just tell it like it is! If that means that a bunch of people are going to come to me today and say “Kat, I really don’t like you and I’m just going through the motions to pretend I do,” I’ll actually hug them, thank them and tell them not to give it a second thought. Because being true to yourself takes guts and I have the utmost respect for the person who actually commands it.

Life is too short and we don’t get enough time to spend with those that we love. I refuse to waste a single second pretending to get on with someone, when I actually want to spend quality time with the people in my life that really matter and make a difference.

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10 Things I Love About You

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10 Things I Love About You

I randomly wrote a mail to my husband today sharing 10 random things that I love about him. No reason behind it, just because.

Not expecting him to write back, I was pretty much over-the-moon when he did with his own version of 10 things he loves about me! I can’t tell you how it made my heart soar… and I’m pretty sure it did the same for him on the other side.

Mike and Kat10 things I Love About You

From Kat to Mike – in no particular order

  1. The fact that you are undeniably sexy
  2. You are so tall… I love that, it makes me feel safe when you hold me
  3. You’re so attentive
  4. You’re patient, especially with me – the Queen of Impatience!
  5. You have a heart the size of Texas – which I’ve heard is quite big
  6. You’re an amazing, generous lover
  7. You’re a great dad. Strict and firm, yet loving and caring at the same time
  8. You have incredible shoulders, that are getting sexier with every push-up
  9. You’re cheeky, cocky and have a wicked, dry sense of humour
  10. You love me, and I know it. I feel it, I never have to doubt it

From Mike to Kat – in no particular order

  1. You are super-hot, Greek goddess hot!
  2. You are the perfect size for me, tall girls freak me out!
  3. You are strong willed and will always try get what you want in a good way
  4. I love the fact that you always want to help the needy (even though I don’t haha)
  5. You are super friendly and confident and make new friends easily(something I wish I was good at)
  6. You love sexy time as much as me…
  7. I love the fact that the perfect evening for you is DVD’s and dinner at home in the company of each other and the kiddies. Simple pleasures make you happy and stupid things like being seen /cool don’t matter to you.
  8. You are an amazing mom who always puts her kids first (something I have trouble with)
  9. You are not afraid to speak your mind even if it means a big ass jock will potentially get out of his car and try to beat us/me down…
  10. I love that you love me despite all my side effects… I hate my shoulders by the way
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1 Year Anniversary at The Soul Khaya

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1 Year Anniversary at The Soul Khaya

Getting married at Lethabo EstateOur very 1st wedding anniversary came along today, the 3rd of April 2011. The kids were away with my Mom so we could literally do whatever we chose and decided to commemorate our special day by travelling back to the place where Mike and I chose to get married: Lethabo Estate. Only this time, we took a slight detour before we reached the entrance and headed for a little place on the opposite hillside called The Soul Khaya. Most certainly a “home for the soul” as we were soon to find out. We arrived just before 9am and were greeted by an incredible sweeping view over the valley of the Crocodile River, all the way down to Lethabo Estate.

Healthy, vegetarian breakfastWe were led to a private “couples room” and then out onto a small verandah where we were to feast on a delectable vegetarian breakfast – much to my delight. The view was immaculate. The food was even better! A fresh fruit platter consisting of melon, apple, peach, grapes and pineapple served with ice-cold fresh orange juice, warm croissants with jam and cheese, freshly baked cappuccino muffins, yoghurt and muesli and a pot of chamomile tea. The perfect (healthy) start to a gorgeous day and my idea of what every breakfast should be like. Soon enough we were patting our bellies and gazing out onto the valley below, completely satisfied.

A little while later, Mathilda, one of our gorgeous therapists, asked us to put on our cozzies and robe up for some Love and 1 Year of Happy Marriageindulgence on the front verandah. We followed her out to the front where two little stations of blissful comfort were set up, one for each of us. We both sat down and resigned ourselves to the magic of our therapists as they soaked our feet in warm rose water and then proceeded to scrub them and smother them in a delectable body butter. At the same time they asked us to choose a stone from a bowl sitting between us. Each stone had something written on it and as luck would have it, we both chose stones with the words “Love” on them. Without saying a word, we smugly decided this was a sign of how in tune we are with each other.

1.5 Hour Aromatherapy MassageOnce our feet were polished and preened they were placed back into our slippers and rested on footstools in front of us. We were each given a deliciously soft blanket to cover up with before we closed our eyes and unwound into a guided meditation. Breathing in rainbows and breathing out shooting stars, we succumbed to the melodic notes of our host’s voice as we slipped away for 10 minutes of internal reflection and relaxation. Opening my eyes to the world again afterwards was like seeing colour for the first time; the trees were more than green and the sky a triumphant blue. It was magical. When we were ready we shuffled off to the Jacuzzi that overlooked the valley, popped a bottle of Champers and wallowed in the warm, bubbly delights of not having anything else to do except chill. After a lengthy time of Jacuzzi joy, the moment we had been waiting for arose; the 1.5 hour aromatherapy massage.

Knowing that I was pregnant they were very careful not to use any oils that could affect the baby, so I was indulged The View from our massage beds atThe Soul Khayawith the sweet scent of virgin coconut oil. I cannot explain the sheer delight that my body experienced; from my toes to the top of my head… every little muscle was attended to with the greatest of care and consideration. Wherever I needed a little extra pressure, Mathilda was there without being asked. She knew the location of each and every muscle and nurtured them exactly as my mind’s voice was asking her to. I was in heaven. Mike having never had a professional massage before was left with a dopey grin on his face afterwards; clearly experiencing the same euphoric responses as me! The greatest and smallest detail that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside was when I turned over to lie on my stomach; there below the face-hole in the massage bed was my little “Love” stone staring straight up at me. This tiny little application of thoughtfulness just sealed the deal for me and resigned my mind, body and soul into an arena of absolute calm and serenity.

Neither of us wanted it to end but as all good things do,  it had to. We got dressed and said our goodbyes and thank yous and slowly weaved out way out of the country towards home. Our day couldn’t have been more perfect and I would highly recommend the Couples Package at The Soul Khaya. For something tranquil, indulgent, divine and romantic… you cannot go wrong.

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A State of Bliss…… (Day 16 of the 30 Day Trial)

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A State of Bliss...... (Day 16 of the 30 Day Trial)
Sitting here savouring the last few days before everything changes, sipping some of my favourite wine and listening to the tunes we hand picked for our wedding CD (that we have yet to post to all of our guests… 8 months later). I am smiling inside at the realisation of where I am right now and how perfect it is.
A few moments ago I was sitting quietly (wine in hand), remembering our perfect day and how each song that we chose for our wedding was representative of a certain stage in our relationship and our lives together. And now listening to them again they evoke the exact same feelings that we were experiencing at that time. The song we walked down the grassy bank to (there was no aisle); the song we danced to as Mr and Mrs Stott; the songs we sang at the top of our lungs while driving down the road; songs we danced to in the TV room; songs that always reminded us of each other whenever we heard them… they were all a part and parcel of this ultimate journey that has been treating me so well. And now here I sit today with this incredible man, enjoying the same love and appreciation for him that has only matured and grown more beautiful with age.
I glance to my side and see the contract for my new job… my dream job, it seems. Looking ahead of me I see the naked nails poking out of the wall from where we’ve already packed our memorable photos into boxes. The changes are happening all around me and yet everything is still constant; peace surrounds me even though I’m surrounded by the chaos. I could quite possibly be the happiest I have ever been… or maybe that is also just another constant that I have been too busy to recognise? Aaaaah….. bliss.
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Packing away an era… (Day 13 of the 30 Day Trial)

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Tequila on tap at 2D Perth
With the impending move around the corner, Mike and I have been on a mission to get this house packed up so that the move to our next house is swift and smooth. Today was a day spent surrounded by bubble wrap, packing tape and cardboard boxes.
Many parties with Pat at 2D Perth
The kids found the 50m roll of bubble wrap extremely entertaining; using it as another person to dance with, or pretending it was a boxing bag or a “person beater.” While they were keeping themselves occupied, Mike and I were literally packing our house into boxes. Looking around now I can’t see the home we had before… it is all disappearing before our eyes and slowly being replaced by empty barren space. It saddens me to see our house like this. I am starting to feel the tug at my heartstrings as we say good bye to this era and say hello to the next.
J-Dawg, Am & Cam – Mates for life
There are so many memories trapped in these walls… some we will take with and some we will leave behind, and then of course we will make new ones in our new home. All is not lost, it is just a matter of letting go, saying good bye and moving on to new experiences. Still… it is amazing how you can literally pack the physical remnants of your life into a few cardboard boxes. Because once all the little trinkets and photos are gone, all that is left are the walls and the windows, and every ounce of character has gone.

Anyways. I’m not going to get emotional… I am excited more than I am sad. I think because we had so many awesome times in this place that cannot be replicated I feel like I am losing something. Every braai and party that Pat was at (which is basically every braai and party we ever had), can’t be done over in our new place, and that is one of the pieces we leave behind. The conversations will be held in these walls forever, the laughs will echo through the trees with every soft breeze… the great times, the smiles, the stupid moments and drunken chaos. I will always remember, even after it is left behind.

And of course… fabulous new memories lie ahead. And we will always remember to toast to Pat in his absense; making him a part of everything we do.

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Husband time is so precious… (Day 12 of the 30 Day Trial)

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Love is – Knowing that you’ll always have each other
Today has been another perfect day in the life of Kat Stott, and it is largely due to the incredible people that I am blessed to share my life with. Today was especially cool, because after waking up from the most luxurious sleep, I realised that the kids weren’t here and Mike and I actually had some time to ourselves. I love my kids to smithereens, but I also love moments when it is just “us”… :)
We always make time for each other, but this week has been taxing to say the least. In addition to all the “crap” that I have fought through it was also our end of year work functions, and neither occassion called for partners. We both partied all out and had aching bodies for the last two days from all the dancing… Awesome food, awesome venues, friends, fun, funky time… but all that was missing was each other. We saw each other on the morning of Mike’s function (Wednesday) and then after that again only on Friday morning during the morning rush to get to school and work. (Mike was completely KO the morning after his party, and I couldn’t actually wake him – though I tried – to say good bye as I left for work.)
Point is… we were like passing ships in the night for 48 hours, and it sucked! Who knew that such a seemingly short space of time would leave us feeling so empty, lost and estranged just because we weren’t with each other and hadn’t had the time to see each other? If ever you take something for granted I think that simple separation is enough to make you realise just how important that thing is in your life. Husband time is uber-precious to me… and something I will always take full advantage of whenever I can. Luckily I have a drop-dead gorgeous husband that is just perfectly divine in every way, so it’s easy!
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Faith and HopeImage by A Perfect Heart via Flickr
What is it apart from being a loaded word? It is made up of 5 simple letters, only 1 syllable but with an entire world of meaning and significance surrounding it. When you break it down, it seems so inconsequential; just another word! And yet we all survive off it, thrive on it and desperately need to be assured of its existence in order to carry on from day to day.
To not have it, is to be cast into an unending abyss of self-doubt, darkness and insecurity. Where it is difficult to tell friend from foe, and the very thought of walking through each hour of the day becomes a bit of a nightmare.
But… to have it is to be assured; to feel that you are right where you are supposed to be. To know that no matter what happens, you will always be in that place of comfort and “security”. You become oblivious to trivial things that might plague a person who doubts and doesn’t have that sanctuary of “knowing”. If imagery were to be used to describe that feeling, it would be a naturally beautiful woman running barefoot through a field of sunflowers with wind sweeping through her hair, and laughter emanating from the very depths of her soul.
Trust is about knowing and believing above all else. Flinging yourself into that abyss and knowing that you can fly; filling the empty, barren space with the laughter of that beautiful girl; laughter that bounces off the walls and saturates the world in light. Trust is at the centre of everything.
I think. (haha) That was a joke.
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Another day…..

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The Ugliest Photo in the World
And another beautiful one at that.
We’ve all been on the roller coaster ride of emotional fury, but for Mike and I things have started to settle, and acceptance is becoming more prevalent. Through the doped daze of sadness, we have emerged feeling a new sense of perspective… That realisation that every moment is a gift; that we really do only get one opportunity to crack this nut has struck us with the power of a lightning bolt.
As I said to a good friend, it is amazing how death puts life into perspective. And as sad as it is for Pat to have to be that guiding light, I have to thank him for showing me the way…
Carpe Diem.

We will miss you every day, Pat x x x

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Pat O’Gorman – A friend lost from time and space…

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He plays guitar…
A tribute song to the friend now lost from time and space
They draw, and I write
We pass the time, we hold onto each breath
The moments hanging heavy with the desperate sadness of such a great loss
Silence grips us
Broken only by the staccato sounds of anguished sobs of disbelief
And then by the fond laughter of a thousand memories
Scattered throughout the day, as we ride with bruised hearts on waves of emotion
The windows breathe gentle whispers of a fresh breeze through the house
Cooling the tear stained faces and drawing our gaze to the beautiful world outside
The world that carries on sun to moon
While our vulnerable selves ebb and flow with our daily routines
And all the while never knowing which moment will be our last
Living the invincible life like superheroes on steroids
With ends that are untouchable; unthinkable
Until the world blinks and you are gone, and we realise how fragile it all is

We love you. And miss you. And it will never be the same.

RIP Brother Pat

Until we meet again, think of us that you’ve left behind…

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