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The Greenside Cafe: A Vegan & Vegetarian Paradise

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The Greenside Cafe: A Vegan & Vegetarian Paradise

Mother’s Day saw me getting spoiled by my beautiful husband and family. Given my current circumstances (not Vegetarian Version Of The Full English Breakfastbeing able to eat anything except sugar free, wheat free, dairy free delights), we went for breakfast at the Greenside Cafe, where the menu was filled with amazing food that is on my free-to-eat list.

We arrived to a beautiful, clean, clear space; bright with the late morning sun and already bustling with health freaks and yogis. The menu was crammed with the stuff vegetarian dreams are made of, with every item available in a vegan variety too. When Mike ordered his cappuccino (damn nice looking cappuccino I might add) he had the option of dairy cream or vegan cream. Really? We have choices? I had a banana and pear smoothie and the kids had thee most decadent looking dairy free hot chocolate. Remember the movie, Chocolat? It is one of my favourites. In the movie, Juliette Binoche makes the most tempting, devilishly divine hot chocolate that captivates the hearts and minds of the village people. This… was that hot chocolate. Somehow, the Greenside Cafe figured out what makes pure, rich, decadent hot chocolate and they sell it for R26 or thereabouts.

For breakfast, Mike and I each had a full English breakfast – vegetarian of course! Scrambled tofu (which tasted exactly like, if not better than eggs), refried Mexican beans, haloumi cheese (which I sadly had to hand over to my daughter – no dairy), grilled tomato and mushrooms and loads of other hidden tastes, all served with rye toast and vegan butter. It was so delicious, I felt myself become momentarily transported off into a state of nirvana.

Everything is made from natural ingredients and is made with love. Other menu items such as the Yogi Pizza and Crumble of the Day peaked my interested but couldn’t fit in my tummy, so I’ll definitely be going back soon for a re-run. I don’t think there are many better ways to spend a Sunday morning (Mother’s Day et al) than eating scrumptious food and watching the world go by under the South Africa sun… highly recommended!

Find the Greenside Cafe on Gleneagles, just a few shops down from Karma.

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The A Team Returns… (Day 20 of the 30 Day Trial)

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The main cast of The A-Team. Clockwise from to...Image via Wikipedia
We finally got to watch The A-Team movie tonight… it wasn’t amaaaaazingly brilliant, like blow your socks off stuff, but it was definitely entertaining and it brought smiles to our faces. Especially when they played the theme song that always formed the intro and outro to the series way back in the day… Yes I am giving away my age here! Not necessary to beat around the bush, I’m 33 and proud; and back before we had DSTV and a multitude of channels to choose from, we watched whatever was on for the night – and that included: The A Team.

Face was my man – Templeton Peck – and I even had a signed photograph of him from one of my dad’s photographer friends. My friends used to kak themselves when they saw this photograph on my wall; it was literally worth gold to them (and me). Now that I look at him he looks a little poncey, but thats besides the point. Them; as a team; as a unit; absolutely rocked my world, to the point where I was no doubt squealing with delight much like my young Cameron was while watching the movie. The favourite “I love it when a plan comes together” just brough it all back, and I was pretty much thrilled that they (they as in those movie people) had taken something from my youth that was so awesome, and brought it back to life with all of it’s plus points intact. I’m pretty much hoping they will go through all of my old favourites in much the same way. Next stop, I’m hoping for:

  • MacGyver – (I called myself Mrs MacGyver when I was young – Tammy and I used to fight over this claim to fame)
  • Airwolf – yes he was an alcoholic wife beater… but on screen, Jan Michael Vincent was a legend in our eyes
  • Knight Rider – Hahaha…. yes,  David Hasselhoff was cool. Too cool for school. And then he went and sold his soul to Baywatch.
  • Magnum PI – A young Tom Selleck; Hawaii; Ferrari; Nuff said..
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Hungover Domestic Goddess-ness (Day 6 of the 30 Day Trial)

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Scones are also commonly served with jam and c...Image via Wikipedia
I often feel that incredible urge to go wild in the kitchen.. spend hours and hours of slicing, dicing, mashing, mixing and creating elaborate and inventive dishes. Lately – admittedly – I have not, as we have been eating mainly salads and as much raw food as possible. But every now and then my body tells me that it needs something and I have to combat hell and high water to make sure that I get it before spontaneously combusting!
This morning I woke up after an awesome drunken day and night out with my girlfriends and mates from high school; absolutely ravenous and about to suck the blood from my arm if I didn’t get something in my body quick! I do remember being starving last night, and somehow never actually made it past my wine glass to get something to eat! This morning, my body was telling me one thing and one thing only: I want scones with jam and cream. For real? Hungover as all hell and you want that?
I slept a little longer thinking that I could trick my body into wanting egg and toast instead, but nope. It wanted scones with jam and cream and there was no diverting it’s decision off track. 
So this is where the domestic goddess thing comes into play, because I couldn’t navigate a route around the bloody annoying (applogies to those who take part) 94.7 cycle race this morning, so I couldn’t get to a coffee shop to satisfy my craving. So I baked. Yes. I baked. Hungover as f*** and I baked scones; I whipped cream and I cut up the scones, spread jam on them and dropped a massive lump of whipped cream on top before satisfying my unending craving! How is THAT for Domestic Goddess-ness? Huh? Nigella, eat your heart out chick…. You ain’t got nothing on me! 
Hahahaha… oh geez this is too good! **A few minutes later…**

Lying on my bed writing this blog I smelled something burning. And realised it was part two of the scones in the oven – now burned to black charcoal after being forgotten in the oven. Hmmm. Nigella can have her title back! And I should just stay in bed before I hurt myself.

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The World according to Facebook…

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Since the advent of Facebook, there have been a chunk of changes affecting our daily lives and how we communicate. The one thing I absolutely love about Facebook is how it has brought me closer to my brother who lives in New York, and my cousins who live in San Francisco and other far reaches of the world. Friends that have relocated are now within reach, and all in all the world has become a little bit smaller because of it.
This is the side that I love. Then there is also being able to keep up to date with what is happening in Jozi: what gigs to get to; when your favourites bands are playing and where.
Then there is the ridiculousness of it all; the way that Facebook has become the means in which we commnicate, in that you don’t share your latest and greatest news with your friends via telephone because you can just update your status and the whole world will know what you’re going through. And then there is exactly that… the whole world knowing everything! Since when are we ok with this? I really love hearing about what random people are eating for lunch, but then again – I am a cuplrit of it too? I often feel the need to share the details of my morning, the aggravation of my day, or the sheer bliss that is bursting from my heart! Do people really wanna hear this shit? I suppose they can selectively decide… But with your news feeds you don’t always have the opportunity to choose.
We often joke about how things aren’t official until Facebook says it is so; like when Mike and I started seeing each other, we were together for a while before we changed our relationship status on Facebook. And only when we did was it sealed in blood and legit, and friends bounced around with glee for something that happened weeks ago in reality.
Creating an event is rad, because all the attendees are right there at your fingertips… but how often have you not even thought of the people that don’t live and die by Facebook, and neglected to invite them by email, sms or phone? They just don’t find out about it; dont come; think you’ve neglected them… bla bla bla.

When I get to work in the mornings, I skip through my newsfeed and see what is up in the world. And I feel a sense of connectedness to everyone that I am friends with. Cool, I guess… and then I pop on about 5 hours later and see that people are still at it: commenting on the same status update or photograph like they have nothing better to do with their time. Whores to the thrill and attraction of Facebook, and her clever wiles.

I almost see the world becoming brainwashed because of it; being sucker punched into thinking that this is where life begins and ends and then forgetting about the natural world out there filled with people and beauty. There are trees outside! And birds… and little things that scurry around… Did you know that? No? Oh well…. perhaps they will make a Facebook aplication about it where you can grow virtual trees, and put birds in them and score points or some shit.

Who knows? Funny thing is… I’m going to post this to Facebook for my friends to read. So maybe I don’t have a point… Or maybeeeeeeeeeeeeee…???

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