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Crank it, Baby…

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Ozzy OsbourneCover of Ozzy Osbourne
I made an amazing little discovery yesterday. My husband and I were watching a documentary about metal music and how it has evolved into something that society regards as “evil” – amongst other ridiculous adjectives that totally miss the point. We tripped back in time to the likes of Black Sabbath (when Ozzy was still hot), Twisted Sister (with that outrageous hair), Iron Maiden and other old classic favourites. 
I found myself singing along to most of the tunes, having remembered them from my tumultuous youth as a mini-headbanger. After a few minutes of watching I remembered finding two (very) old and dusty tape boxes in the storeroom when we moved house in December. I hadn’t really taken the time to go through them, and was actually considering throwing them away with the rest of the useless junk I had managed to collect. Luckily, the sentimental fool in me just wouldn’t let go and I kept them. They were almost slipping back into oblivion when Bruce Dickenson’s screeching brought it all back. I ran off in search of the ancient stash and started brushing off the dust as if having just discovered hidden treasure. Cheesy, I know. But I was having a little moment. Not all of them were originals, but I had made elaborate covers for the ones that weren’t using pictures from metal mags and a gold pen. It was too cool.

Amazing discovery number two was that my Hi-fi has a tape deck; two in fact. I stared at the reels going round and round, waiting for that tell-tale sound that would tell me Metallica had become a stretched, mangled mess of useless tape… But it hadn’t. It had survived the last 20 odd years of hibernation along with Testament, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and a whole lot of my personal mixed tapes. Cranking the volume made it sound awful, a far-cry from the crystal clear clarity that we are so accustomed to these days. Then there was the rewinding and fast forwarding to find my chosen song; not unlike waiting for the toast to pop, or the kettle to boil.

CD’s, MP3’s, iPod’s and all those wonderful gadgets certainly make our lives a lot easier. Me, being the world’s least patient person takes solace in the fact that I don’t ever (normally) have to wait for a tape to rewind before I can listen to it. We are living in the age of convenience, and just when we think we’ve got it all together (as I’m sure we did in the 80’s), something else leaps forward shedding light on another incredible technological advancement. 
As great as CD’s and iPod’s are, the one thing they don’t have is that inimitable analogue appeal. The raw sound of yesteryear that spells out the history behind these legends of classic rock and heavy metal. We both sat in awe for a few moments of each song; soaking up the memories of association and marvelling at how all metal music had evolved from these origins. This was the beginning of it all… And we were kind of there to see it all. Kind of.
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FAIL! Argh…. and the Longevity of Bands to detract from the Fail.

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The Beach Boys in 1965.Image via Wikipedia
I bailed out on the 30 Day Trial – well not intentionally, but it found me: Failure. Oh well… bygones and moving on swiftly! I have been writing everyday though not necessarily on this blog so essentially I have stuck with the program, but essentially is also a wonderful word that permits access to a string of excuses. So the truth is that I didn’t have what it takes and I will try again…. 
Here we are then, today: Day one. Again.
We are leaving for Sun City in a few hours to go and watch The Beach Boys. Yup – those guys, the all time favourites from way back when who can harmonise at the drop of a hat. I can’t wait! And I can’t actually believe that we are about to experience these legends in the flesh!

I don’t think I know a single person who doesn’t love the Beach Boys, and who isn’t completely jealous that we’re going to see them – hehehe. I remember when I was young, my parent’s had a tape of theirs and every holiday we would listen to it on the way down to the coast; kind of like a preparation for the surf and sun. I always listened to their voices and dreamt of these incredibly sexy, tanned and ripped surfer boys and wished that one day I’d have one for myself. Well that was until I saw a photograph of them and they were already old and wrinkled, without a ripped muscle in sight! Fussy much? Still it didn’t change the romantic notion, and I snuck back into my dreams of them; ignoring the picture of reality.

“I wish they all could be California… I wish they all could be California…. I wish they all could be Californiaaaaa Giirrrrrrlllllssssss…..”

Moving on…

Funny thing is; my mom and dad went to go and watch The Beach Boys at Sun City when us kids were young. This must have been years ago because my dad died in 1997, already almost 14 years ago! And I don’t remember them going to be honest so I must have been really young. My mom said it was the first year of the Million Dollar Golf Challenge so if you Google that then you’ll get an idea. I’m too lazy right now to be honest; but my point is… that they have probably been around for my entire life!

I love the longevity of legendary bands. I think of how long I’ve been listening to bands like Metallica and Megadeth, Chili Peppers, Black Sabbath… Black Sabbath were my intro to metal, and seeing them all crunchy and bent over on stage in 1999 was a sight to bring tears to my eyes. I think that concert was the last concert they were ever going to play as a unit…? Maybe they have ventured out more since then. But we have long playing records of theirs that are probably older than me.

Iron Maiden and Judas Priest following shortly afterwards and I’m not sure what they are up to these days, although Iron Maiden played at Download a couple of years ago – still keeping it alive!

And then… when I heard Metallica for the first time… I was officially captive to their music, and I still am. “We will ignore the fact that St Anger ever came into being.” Before I had even picked up one of their tapes (I don’t even think CD’s were invented yet) they had still been around for YEARS before that! Back to the good ol’ Garage Days and beyond. Seeing them in concert now is like bowing down to demi-gods! They still thrash it like they are 17 years old, and even without Cliff Burton (RIP) or Jason Newstead (who was to be my third husband after one of The Beach Boys and MacGyver) they are still the shizz… And they will always be, even if they do release another crap album like St Anger.

I am looking forward to being blown away. I want to feel history; I want to feel legend; I want to feel fiiiiine tonight! Actually it’s tomorrow night. Yeehaaa!

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Every day needs a soundtrack

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I pity those people who don’t have any particular “taste” in music and don’t spend any time listening to anything melodious. I feel like they have been short-changed and they don’t even know it. I feel emptiness for them and a sense of their dull apathy for life… Surely it’s a colourless existence?
I can’t even fathom the idea! No music? No beats, no treats, no lift me off my feets?
Everyday has a soundtrack, be it fuck-shit-up metal (and that can be for great days and bad) or shake-your-ass funk; each and every day has a special ring to it and deserves the musical accompaniment to go with it. Today was a particularly fabulous day; add in a sprinkling of driver-seat-dance-moves, sunshine and sunglasses as well as the advent of zero traffic and I’m smiling all the way to….. not the bank, but work! Funk it up with some Incubus and “hey presto!” you have a day made in heaven!
Give me a pressing deadline and I’m on the Atreyu, Avenged 7x, Machinehead or Weezer / Sublime on a more chilled day – why? I have no idea, but somehow they make me focus and give me the speed to crunch my way through to seconds before the clock hits closing time. And then when I need to come up ideas? Bring me back down to Earth with Jack or Ben, and make my heart fly with Andrea Bocelli to name a few…
The list goes on and every day is different, but how awesome to have a definitive sound to each and every moment, emotion and event?
WHY would anyone deprive themselves of this beautiful, free (depends where you get it) and free-ING birthright!? I suppose it doesn’t really matter (poor them), but just sitting here listening to Mike play his guitar made me think about how beautiful it is to have a sweet and harmonious background for my thoughts to play out on. Amen to that!

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