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Turning a blind eye ain’t so easy… (Day 2 of 30 Day Trial)

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Sometimes it is easy to turn around and walk away… You see that guy pissing on the pavement, and you can have him arrested for indecent exposure, but what the hell… you don’t. That was a silly one… What about: You notice that your colleague has mistakenly sent you the incorrect information for the second time after being very specific in what you requested, and you can lambaste him or her… but you don’t. You go and find the info for yourself. That was also lame… Anyways. These are easy to side-step and overlook. They don’t necessarily irritate or annoy you for longer than a few seconds, and then your focus is shifted onto something completely different.
And now for something comPLETELY different!
But then… oh yes! Then. There are those things that you just cannot ignore. The kind of stuff that makes you feel a queasiness in the pit of your stomach; the stuff that gives you that sense of shock and horror combined into one indescribable emotion; a feeling of absolute disbelief… maybe even anger. Those things that you KNOW are not ethical, that are just.not.on. Turning a blind eye would mean forcibly disconnecting yourself from something that you truly believe should be opposed.
But, what if you were to jeopardise your (say for example) health or wellness or perhaps your stability if you were to speak out against it? What if it would directly implicate you, and threaten your livelihood if you were to stand up for what you believe is right? How do you get around it? Tempt fortune and fate and go out there all guns blazing? Or secretly “know” in your heart that by feeling this way you are doing enough?
Some very good people I know went out there armed with their six-shooters and they were taken DOWN. And for reasons that are completely unethical. For reasons that were to be a start in improving (for example) people’s health or wellness or stability. And now, they have potentially lost it all because they chose to have an opinion. They chose to speak out on behalf of those who’s voices weren’t loud enough. How can this be? How can freedom of thought, opinion and speech be smothered? How can the attempt to correct and make better be intercepted by refusal to accept or acknowledge, and then turned into something to fall short on? My mind just can’t put the pieces together.

And now from my point of view; now that I am armed with this information; now that I’ve been alerted to the fact that this crooked, unfair and disconcerting treatment is actually happening (for real) in a place not very far from home, what do I do about it? Turn a blind eye? Or tempt fortune and fate? I tell you, it isn’t that easy to decide… And if choose the latter, I wonder if I can speak loud enough for my voice to be heard?

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What is it apart from being a loaded word? It is made up of 5 simple letters, only 1 syllable but with an entire world of meaning and significance surrounding it. When you break it down, it seems so inconsequential; just another word! And yet we all survive off it, thrive on it and desperately need to be assured of its existence in order to carry on from day to day.
To not have it, is to be cast into an unending abyss of self-doubt, darkness and insecurity. Where it is difficult to tell friend from foe, and the very thought of walking through each hour of the day becomes a bit of a nightmare.
But… to have it is to be assured; to feel that you are right where you are supposed to be. To know that no matter what happens, you will always be in that place of comfort and “security”. You become oblivious to trivial things that might plague a person who doubts and doesn’t have that sanctuary of “knowing”. If imagery were to be used to describe that feeling, it would be a naturally beautiful woman running barefoot through a field of sunflowers with wind sweeping through her hair, and laughter emanating from the very depths of her soul.
Trust is about knowing and believing above all else. Flinging yourself into that abyss and knowing that you can fly; filling the empty, barren space with the laughter of that beautiful girl; laughter that bounces off the walls and saturates the world in light. Trust is at the centre of everything.
I think. (haha) That was a joke.
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mind full of stuffs

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I have just realised WHY my mind has been so crammed full of “stuff” over the last few weeks… Because I have been neglecting to vent or chat or mindlessly waffle into my keyboard via this here little blog. Ahhh… my little slice of sanity – how I love theee! 
Things have been manic over the last few weeks, and I have found myself wandering around at a very slow pace watching the craziness unfold around me. Kind of stoned in a world on acid! My hormones have been out.of.control! TOTALLY…. this coming off the pill thing is nothing to sneer at, it’s totally serious and completely life altering! But I’m getting the hang of it and starting to keep a hold of those tempestuous emotions that just want to ravage the hearts and souls of those around me with their sniping tongue. 
I even lashed out at my boss – NOT a good idea! The whole crying at work thing they have become accustomed to, but I’m thinking I best bite my tongue next time my displeased opinion wants to be heard.
Aside from displeased emo kat, all is good in the hood; the house has been sold – again (long story); Yoga is back on the menu on a regular occassion; meditation and mantras are my lifeblood; and we will (did you hear me – WILL – like totally serious, the transfer attorney even told me today. For real! Ok, moving on…) be in our new place for Christmas. How freaking fantastic!
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Now that I think about it…

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Further to my previous post, maybe I AM getting old. Well, I know that I am aging with every day – this is inevitable. But when we actually start showing signs that we are pushing forward in time, well then I have to take a deep breath and wonder when this all happened? Where was I when I turned 32 and decided to stay at home on a Friday night instead of going to a live gig? Who did that to me!? Hello? Mystery personality thief, what did you do with my persona?

But… there is always a but… the funny thing is that I like it. I’m loving the fact that today is Friday and after work on this crisp Winter’s Day I’m going home to my babies (husband, kids, cats and dogs) to curl up on the couch and watch DVD’s. If growing old has more of that, then its totally cool with me. Bring on the years… and I’ll mould my persona to fit :)

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