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10 Things I Love About You

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10 Things I Love About You

I randomly wrote a mail to my husband today sharing 10 random things that I love about him. No reason behind it, just because.

Not expecting him to write back, I was pretty much over-the-moon when he did with his own version of 10 things he loves about me! I can’t tell you how it made my heart soar… and I’m pretty sure it did the same for him on the other side.

Mike and Kat10 things I Love About You

From Kat to Mike – in no particular order

  1. The fact that you are undeniably sexy
  2. You are so tall… I love that, it makes me feel safe when you hold me
  3. You’re so attentive
  4. You’re patient, especially with me – the Queen of Impatience!
  5. You have a heart the size of Texas – which I’ve heard is quite big
  6. You’re an amazing, generous lover
  7. You’re a great dad. Strict and firm, yet loving and caring at the same time
  8. You have incredible shoulders, that are getting sexier with every push-up
  9. You’re cheeky, cocky and have a wicked, dry sense of humour
  10. You love me, and I know it. I feel it, I never have to doubt it

From Mike to Kat – in no particular order

  1. You are super-hot, Greek goddess hot!
  2. You are the perfect size for me, tall girls freak me out!
  3. You are strong willed and will always try get what you want in a good way
  4. I love the fact that you always want to help the needy (even though I don’t haha)
  5. You are super friendly and confident and make new friends easily(something I wish I was good at)
  6. You love sexy time as much as me…
  7. I love the fact that the perfect evening for you is DVD’s and dinner at home in the company of each other and the kiddies. Simple pleasures make you happy and stupid things like being seen /cool don’t matter to you.
  8. You are an amazing mom who always puts her kids first (something I have trouble with)
  9. You are not afraid to speak your mind even if it means a big ass jock will potentially get out of his car and try to beat us/me down…
  10. I love that you love me despite all my side effects… I hate my shoulders by the way
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The Greenside Cafe: A Vegan & Vegetarian Paradise

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The Greenside Cafe: A Vegan & Vegetarian Paradise

Mother’s Day saw me getting spoiled by my beautiful husband and family. Given my current circumstances (not Vegetarian Version Of The Full English Breakfastbeing able to eat anything except sugar free, wheat free, dairy free delights), we went for breakfast at the Greenside Cafe, where the menu was filled with amazing food that is on my free-to-eat list.

We arrived to a beautiful, clean, clear space; bright with the late morning sun and already bustling with health freaks and yogis. The menu was crammed with the stuff vegetarian dreams are made of, with every item available in a vegan variety too. When Mike ordered his cappuccino (damn nice looking cappuccino I might add) he had the option of dairy cream or vegan cream. Really? We have choices? I had a banana and pear smoothie and the kids had thee most decadent looking dairy free hot chocolate. Remember the movie, Chocolat? It is one of my favourites. In the movie, Juliette Binoche makes the most tempting, devilishly divine hot chocolate that captivates the hearts and minds of the village people. This… was that hot chocolate. Somehow, the Greenside Cafe figured out what makes pure, rich, decadent hot chocolate and they sell it for R26 or thereabouts.

For breakfast, Mike and I each had a full English breakfast – vegetarian of course! Scrambled tofu (which tasted exactly like, if not better than eggs), refried Mexican beans, haloumi cheese (which I sadly had to hand over to my daughter – no dairy), grilled tomato and mushrooms and loads of other hidden tastes, all served with rye toast and vegan butter. It was so delicious, I felt myself become momentarily transported off into a state of nirvana.

Everything is made from natural ingredients and is made with love. Other menu items such as the Yogi Pizza and Crumble of the Day peaked my interested but couldn’t fit in my tummy, so I’ll definitely be going back soon for a re-run. I don’t think there are many better ways to spend a Sunday morning (Mother’s Day et al) than eating scrumptious food and watching the world go by under the South Africa sun… highly recommended!

Find the Greenside Cafe on Gleneagles, just a few shops down from Karma.

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Hyperthyroidism in Pregnancy

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Hyperthyroidism in pregnancy: yes it is a mouthful, but more than that it is a huge burden to bear. This is what has been plaguing me of late… to those who’ve thought I’m listless, distant, grumpy, selfish or just plain lame; this is why. My selfishness stems from a basic need to actually feel like I’m surviving a day, or an hour, or a moment.

I have been doing my best to not inflict my woes on the world around me but it has been difficult. I thought that by writing a blog about it, people could get some perspective on why I can’t eat certain things, why I am always so frikkin tired, why I can’t commit to various ventures or outings and not assume that I’m just being difficult.

What is hyperthyroidism?

Simply put, it is an overactive thyroid. I’m no doctor, but basically your thyroid regulates your metabolism by secreting thyroxine and triiodothyronine. In the case of hyperthyroidism, it secretes too much  and it elevates the metabolism to such a point that hardly any nutrition can be gained from the food that is eaten. Bad news in any circumstances, but in pregnancy it can be particularly dangerous because the baby needs as much as it can get to grow healthily.

I remember in my less intelligent teenage years thinking how cool it would be to have an overactive thyroid. Then I would be able to eat anything and never gain weight; stupid is an understatement in this case and I have since reformed my thoughts and desires. Or perhaps I manifested these circumstances from those idiotic younger years? Who knows? The point is that I cannot eat whatever I like. If I choose to go onto thyroid-regulating drugs then I might be able to, but if this is something that I will be inflicted with for life then I refuse to take drugs to rectify it for the rest of my days.

My incredible husband and I have done extensive research into the matter and as it turns out, I can regulate it myself with healthy eating and yoga. The yoga is a no brainer; I love yoga and it will always be a part of my life, so that’s that part sorted. The eating part is slightly more difficult. In short:

  • No sugar
  • No dairy
  • No wheat or allergens
  • No overly processed foods
  • No curries, chilli’s pepperdews or anything spicy
  • No coffee
  • No alcohol!

What can I eat? I can eat anything vegan provided it doesn’t have sugar or wheat in it, I can eat as many vegetables and fruits as I want, anti-oxidants, anti-oxidants, anti-oxidants! I have to eat a lot of specialty foods that they only sell in Dis-Chem or health shops, even a harmless pasta is made from wheat. No toast, only rye bread… no cheese! My favourite. I found a vegan substitute thanks to my beautiful friend, Tammy, but it doesn’t quite match the Gouda that I love so much!

What happens if I don’t follow the rules?

Quite simply, my heart beats out of control, I become breathless, I lose every ounce of energy available to me, I can’t stand without needing to sit down, I can’t walk without becoming completely out of breath and feeling like I’m about to have a heart attack. I lose weight faster than I can think and in my current situation I need to be putting on weight. The heart palpitations are the worst because my heart is literally beating at double the speed it should and sometimes faster. This leads to the breathlessness, exhaustion etc. You see where I’m going with this.

I put it to the test last week and had 2 ferrero rochers, a slush puppie at the movies and a pasta with chilli in it. The next day I honestly thought I was going to go into cardiac arrest. I felt sick; I couldn’t do anything but bath and lie down. My poor family have to just put up with me and they do an amazing job of it.

I am an energetic, free-spirited person at heart; I love being outdoors, I love exercising, I love being a part of the world. But this has kept me in my bed, in the shadows and away from everything that I love. That is until I realised that I could beat it with the correct eating patterns. I’ve basically gone sattvic again like I did when I studied Ashtanga and it’s not so bad.

If you know me and are close to me, I need you to understand where I am coming from. If you want me to do something that is a seemingly normal occurrence and I say no; understand why and don’t assume it is for my own selfish reasons. My choices have to be about me at the moment, because if I don’t look after this beautiful life growing inside me then no one will. It might not be forever, but the implications of me not doing something about it will haunt me forever and that is not a chance I am willing to take.

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1 Year Anniversary at The Soul Khaya

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1 Year Anniversary at The Soul Khaya

Getting married at Lethabo EstateOur very 1st wedding anniversary came along today, the 3rd of April 2011. The kids were away with my Mom so we could literally do whatever we chose and decided to commemorate our special day by travelling back to the place where Mike and I chose to get married: Lethabo Estate. Only this time, we took a slight detour before we reached the entrance and headed for a little place on the opposite hillside called The Soul Khaya. Most certainly a “home for the soul” as we were soon to find out. We arrived just before 9am and were greeted by an incredible sweeping view over the valley of the Crocodile River, all the way down to Lethabo Estate.

Healthy, vegetarian breakfastWe were led to a private “couples room” and then out onto a small verandah where we were to feast on a delectable vegetarian breakfast – much to my delight. The view was immaculate. The food was even better! A fresh fruit platter consisting of melon, apple, peach, grapes and pineapple served with ice-cold fresh orange juice, warm croissants with jam and cheese, freshly baked cappuccino muffins, yoghurt and muesli and a pot of chamomile tea. The perfect (healthy) start to a gorgeous day and my idea of what every breakfast should be like. Soon enough we were patting our bellies and gazing out onto the valley below, completely satisfied.

A little while later, Mathilda, one of our gorgeous therapists, asked us to put on our cozzies and robe up for some Love and 1 Year of Happy Marriageindulgence on the front verandah. We followed her out to the front where two little stations of blissful comfort were set up, one for each of us. We both sat down and resigned ourselves to the magic of our therapists as they soaked our feet in warm rose water and then proceeded to scrub them and smother them in a delectable body butter. At the same time they asked us to choose a stone from a bowl sitting between us. Each stone had something written on it and as luck would have it, we both chose stones with the words “Love” on them. Without saying a word, we smugly decided this was a sign of how in tune we are with each other.

1.5 Hour Aromatherapy MassageOnce our feet were polished and preened they were placed back into our slippers and rested on footstools in front of us. We were each given a deliciously soft blanket to cover up with before we closed our eyes and unwound into a guided meditation. Breathing in rainbows and breathing out shooting stars, we succumbed to the melodic notes of our host’s voice as we slipped away for 10 minutes of internal reflection and relaxation. Opening my eyes to the world again afterwards was like seeing colour for the first time; the trees were more than green and the sky a triumphant blue. It was magical. When we were ready we shuffled off to the Jacuzzi that overlooked the valley, popped a bottle of Champers and wallowed in the warm, bubbly delights of not having anything else to do except chill. After a lengthy time of Jacuzzi joy, the moment we had been waiting for arose; the 1.5 hour aromatherapy massage.

Knowing that I was pregnant they were very careful not to use any oils that could affect the baby, so I was indulged The View from our massage beds atThe Soul Khayawith the sweet scent of virgin coconut oil. I cannot explain the sheer delight that my body experienced; from my toes to the top of my head… every little muscle was attended to with the greatest of care and consideration. Wherever I needed a little extra pressure, Mathilda was there without being asked. She knew the location of each and every muscle and nurtured them exactly as my mind’s voice was asking her to. I was in heaven. Mike having never had a professional massage before was left with a dopey grin on his face afterwards; clearly experiencing the same euphoric responses as me! The greatest and smallest detail that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside was when I turned over to lie on my stomach; there below the face-hole in the massage bed was my little “Love” stone staring straight up at me. This tiny little application of thoughtfulness just sealed the deal for me and resigned my mind, body and soul into an arena of absolute calm and serenity.

Neither of us wanted it to end but as all good things do,  it had to. We got dressed and said our goodbyes and thank yous and slowly weaved out way out of the country towards home. Our day couldn’t have been more perfect and I would highly recommend the Couples Package at The Soul Khaya. For something tranquil, indulgent, divine and romantic… you cannot go wrong.

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Bunny For Your Thoughts?

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Anyone who knows us Stotts well enough will know that in the last two weeks we have been encountering some peculiar circumstances. Out of the blue there has been a serious influx of animals moving towards our general vicinity… especially animals of the rabbit variety. Before I waffle about the rabbits, there have also been birds, frogs, locusts, crickets and odd looking beetles… but it is the bunnies that have been leaving us scratching our heads and wondering WTF!
White Lightning
Last week Sunday we woke at 6am to the kids screaming that there was a rabbit in the dining room. “Yah, yeah… mmmm… snore.” The snoring continued until the shrill pitch in their voices convinced us that perhaps there was something to be investigated, and sure enough… there was a baby rabbit (a very cute one) sitting in our dining room. We petted it, gave it a name and decided to keep it. His name was “White Lightning”.
White Lightning immediately settled in as part of the family, that was until a few hours later when something mysterious happened and he seemed to have broken his spine. All of a sudden, he couldn’t stand up on all fours properly and about half an hour later he died. After only a few hours of being with him we had become extremely attached. We were devastated. We all cried, even poor Kyle who happened to be visiting was traumatised by the whole event. So we decided we would buy another bunny in a wildly emotional attempt to numb our pain.
Black Magic
So off we trot, to the pet shop. We bought a little black baby dwarf bunny and named her “Black Magic”. The day seemed much brighter although our hearts were still being tugged back towards thoughts of little White Lightning. Still, we needed to devote our love and attention to Black Magic, so we did.
The week passed and soon it was Saturday. We were all chilling doing our thing, Mike was taking a nap, I was working on an assignment and Amber and her friend were watching a movie. The patio door was open, fresh air streaming into the house. Mike got up and moments later shouted that the dogs had eaten the bunny. “What?” He had found the fluffy bunny tail on the floor with nothing else except signs of a  struggle. I looked outside, and there on the lawn were my two beautiful dogs happily snacking on our precious little ball of fluff. I can’t explain the horror. As I keep on saying, “This is nature”, but nothing prepares you for seeing your little bunny comprised of only two back paws and bloody entrails.
We all cried, we lashed out furiously at the poor dogs, cried some more and melted into a pit of sadness. “No more bunnies!” We all decided that enough was enough, and we couldn’t face the emotional trauma of losing another one. We buried her in silence, and then did our best not to think about the horrors of the day.
White Lightning 2
Sunday morning comes, Mike had to work, I was diligently working on my assignment when I decided I needed a snack. I started to walk down the hallway towards the kitchen when I saw an apparition? A hallucination? A product of some dodgy grass or mushrooms I had consumed back in my day? Nope. It was a real live baby bunny. In my kitchen. WTF!? I have no words.
Please join me as we welcome White Lightning the 2nd to our family. *sigh*
As a sidenote; bunnies are meant to symbolise new life around the corner – aha! And let us not forget that it is the year of the rabbit!
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Legends, Birthday Presents and Drum Kits

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Have drum kit; will make noise
So yesterday was my dad’s birthday: 6th of February 2011. I can’t for the life of me think how old he would have been. It’s been so long since he was here that I still think of him as the unchanged man who was before me in the months before he died, and (if memory serves) he was 51 years old. This was in 1997, so a quick calculation would make him… (momentary pause as she reaches for the calculator) 65 years old today. Happy birthday for yesterday, Christakis Nicolau Charalambides (Dad)!
We were lounging around at home yesterday, oblivious to the fact that it was the anniversary of dad’s birth. I am not sure if my sneaky mother timed her visit in accordance with this, but she decided she was going to drop by. Out of the blue she called to say she was coming over and bringing dad’s old drum kit with her. To fill you in: My dad was an incredible drummer, and played in a cover band called “No Parking”, who – in my opinion – were the shizz when I was a young girl. I was always so proud going to watch him at various gigs and gatherings, and I still recall the expression of concentration on his face as he led the rhythm for the rest of the band. Every now and then I would catch his eye and he’d wink at me resulting in an enormous grin on my part. Random little moments like that still stick in my mind as if they occurred only yesterday. Anyway…
His drum kit had been sitting in storage for years before my mom got a quotation on it, and found it to be a very valuable antique. The monetary value in no way compares to the sentimental value that it has for me so I refused to let her sell it, and now it is mine. Mike is going to help me assemble it, and then I am going to wreak havoc on the neighbourhood with vim and vigour. Oh how I cannot wait *insert evil grin here*.
I was randomly tweeting and messing around on my phone yesterday when I realised that this beautiful gift had been presented to me on none other than Dad’s birthday. It couldn’t have been more apt. If I could have rumbled through a tribute solo I would have done so there and then, but I did so in my heart.  
His legend lives on in so many ways, and now this is just another element of Dad that I bring in to our daily lives. And noisily so…
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Can we Save Our Planet?

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amy Whale, breaching, Stellwagen Bank National...Image via Wikipedia
We’ve just finished watching “Oceans“; a movie that I believe everyone should see. It is a French movie with English sub-titles, although the narration comes in small doses that are few and far between. At first I was feeling a little annoyed that there was no commentary supporting the beautiful, graceful creatures we watched floating around our screen. That was until I realised that this had been done on purpose; to unlock our senses and stretch deep down into our emotive cores. The imagery was there purely to evoke an emotional response; and it certainly did.
I spent the first hour of the movie in awe of these incredible beings that share this planet with us. Whales, dolphins, sharks, rays, fish, crabs, cormorants, seals… The list goes on. Their actions were mesmerising. Every now and then the narrator, Jacques Perrin, would softly quote some or other poignant piece of script that wasn’t related to fascinating ocean facts or underwater statistics. The message was clear: we are killing our oceans. There will be nothing left for future generations.

Without going into any detail about the actual movie I can say that it brought me to tears. It made me realise once again that man is a selfish beast who has declared this planet his own, without care or concern for the creatures that also call this globe home. I will not refer to the collective as “we”, because I do not share the same ideals as these people who rip the life and energy out of everything that is inherently good.

I cannot fathom the being that would steal the life of another; worse yet… the malicious monstrosity that can mutilate another being to the point where it cannot survive any further, and then toss it away (still breathing) to die a slow and possibly painful death. A friend recently said that fish don’t have any feelings, which I can appreciate and agree with. But they are still beings that hold life. The shark who is stripped of its fin and tail and thrown back into the ocean to die is still a living, breathing creature. Like you. Like me. What gives any mortal soul the right to separate life from another creature, pulling them apart like taking mother from child?

I know that human consciousness is growing, and that with each day there is another person who realises that we are all connected. I do realise that people are starting to see that by killing a shark or a dolphin, we are killing a part of ourselves, we are stealing life from our own source; from Mother Nature. But how many creatures, how many beautiful beings have to die before the rest of the world realises?

The closing words of the movie were something along the lines of it never being too late to make a change, and it isn’t. It is never too late to care. But people need to start waking the f*** up now.

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Perspective is Like a Cup of Tea

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I've pretty much given up coffee. And there's ...Image via Wikipedia
We decide how we want it to taste, we decide how we want it to look… We make it just the way that we like it, the way that we are used to having it. But certain factors can change the perfect cup of tea; it goes cold from sitting for too long, it tastes weird because the milk is going off… There are many external factors that can influence the final outcome of our fresh brew.
The perspective that we choose to have on life is not far off from the perfect (or sometimes, not so perfect) cup of tea. 
  • We choose how we want it to taste; every experience that we savour is born from our own decisions.
  • We choose how we want it to look; life’s beautiful portrait is ours to paint, with whatever elements of colour and substance we want to have in there.
  • Milky, straight-up, sweet or not; our perspective on life is perfect because it is our own creation.
There are a myriad external influences that impact on our “perfect perspective”… Be it negatively or positively. Friends, family, work, stress, traffic (mmm…. loving that). What we choose to let in to sway our perspective is again, of our own choosing… But then we mustn’t be surprised when the tea is too sweet, or it has that familiar and unwelcome undertone of sour milk.
Sometimes a different taste is a welcome change; sometimes we learn to enjoy our perspective from a different angle until it becomes the norm. And sometimes all we want is what is familiar… even if it is bad for us. In saying all of this, my mom will argue that all we need is a good cup of tea to change our perspective.

Ok, I’m all “analogied out”. Good night, world.

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Crank it, Baby…

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Ozzy OsbourneCover of Ozzy Osbourne
I made an amazing little discovery yesterday. My husband and I were watching a documentary about metal music and how it has evolved into something that society regards as “evil” – amongst other ridiculous adjectives that totally miss the point. We tripped back in time to the likes of Black Sabbath (when Ozzy was still hot), Twisted Sister (with that outrageous hair), Iron Maiden and other old classic favourites. 
I found myself singing along to most of the tunes, having remembered them from my tumultuous youth as a mini-headbanger. After a few minutes of watching I remembered finding two (very) old and dusty tape boxes in the storeroom when we moved house in December. I hadn’t really taken the time to go through them, and was actually considering throwing them away with the rest of the useless junk I had managed to collect. Luckily, the sentimental fool in me just wouldn’t let go and I kept them. They were almost slipping back into oblivion when Bruce Dickenson’s screeching brought it all back. I ran off in search of the ancient stash and started brushing off the dust as if having just discovered hidden treasure. Cheesy, I know. But I was having a little moment. Not all of them were originals, but I had made elaborate covers for the ones that weren’t using pictures from metal mags and a gold pen. It was too cool.

Amazing discovery number two was that my Hi-fi has a tape deck; two in fact. I stared at the reels going round and round, waiting for that tell-tale sound that would tell me Metallica had become a stretched, mangled mess of useless tape… But it hadn’t. It had survived the last 20 odd years of hibernation along with Testament, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and a whole lot of my personal mixed tapes. Cranking the volume made it sound awful, a far-cry from the crystal clear clarity that we are so accustomed to these days. Then there was the rewinding and fast forwarding to find my chosen song; not unlike waiting for the toast to pop, or the kettle to boil.

CD’s, MP3’s, iPod’s and all those wonderful gadgets certainly make our lives a lot easier. Me, being the world’s least patient person takes solace in the fact that I don’t ever (normally) have to wait for a tape to rewind before I can listen to it. We are living in the age of convenience, and just when we think we’ve got it all together (as I’m sure we did in the 80’s), something else leaps forward shedding light on another incredible technological advancement. 
As great as CD’s and iPod’s are, the one thing they don’t have is that inimitable analogue appeal. The raw sound of yesteryear that spells out the history behind these legends of classic rock and heavy metal. We both sat in awe for a few moments of each song; soaking up the memories of association and marvelling at how all metal music had evolved from these origins. This was the beginning of it all… And we were kind of there to see it all. Kind of.
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A Spark of Creativity and I’m on Fire!

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Brian Steinhobel (and lightsabre)

It is no secret (anymore) that I have the most incredible job ever, and with it has come the opportunity to fly freely into a positively-charged creative space. This new environment has offered me so much of “me” in terms of giving back my energy and helping me uncover these dormant little secrets called “creativity” and “freedom of expression“. They were always there; just hidden under a pile of pragmatic poop. 

Every day has seen me uncover a little bit of this awesome~ness, with a particularly pertinent moment unfolding towards the end of this last week. Friday afternoon saw a bunch of us attending a talk by Brian Steinhobel; infamous Industrial Designer who is incredibly brilliant at the same time as being just a regular “ou”. It was an incredible honour to be sitting sharing casual chit-chat with this man, especially after he gave us a run-through of all the things he has (so far) accomplished in his life. I know that every person present walked out afterwards feeling nothing less than inspired; I for one felt a great sense of purpose, and a need to get on with things without hesitation.
One thing he mentioned to us, when faced with the “issue” of finding inspiration, was that he thoroughly enjoyed painting. I used to paint – really well, I might add – but when I did  brief calculation in my head, I realised that I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush with the purpose to create art in more than 10 years. How the hell did that fly by without me noticing? This is precisely my point. I have all these incredible talents; all this “stuff” in me that combines to form the person that I am, and yet half the time I don’t even acknowledge it, let alone bring it to life. Days go by, months and then years, and before I know it I’m pushing 34 and I’ve left a huge chunk of behind somewhere in my 20’s!

I have since decided that there is no time like the present to start painting again. Which is exactly what I did. Today! And it was so frikkin’ fabulous. I feel like I am on this road towards garnering all my super-hero strengths that were always so inherent in me. My hands were completely covered in acrylic  today (as were the floors) and my bursting heart was singing merry, little songs of joy as I swished the brush from one side of the canvas to the other. 
My heart swelled a little more as my son marvelled at my work saying that I was a professional! Not quite, but in his eyes I can be anything. In saying that, I think I need to adopt his vantage point and realise that I can be anything; I can do anything; I can paint! And I can be inspired. How utterly divine!
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