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Joining the Ranks of the Techno-Geeks

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iPhone 4 showing the home screen.Image via Wikipedia
It was time for me to upgrade my phone a little while ago… a simple case of just going to MTN, finding the latest and greatest deal and walking away with a new phone. My last chosen upgrade was based on the fact that I got a free X-Box with the world’s most inadequate Samsung phone. Not a good move since even the X-Box is now broken from overuse and abuse, and the Samsung lasted all of about 1 year and 2 months.

As one of my new bosses so rightly said of me recently, I am not very “tech savvy” and my standpoint on the use of mobile phones has always been for making calls, sending the odd sms, or for waking me up in the morning. So what gives with all the fancy gadgets? Why do I need a camera on my phone when I’ve got a perfectly cool point and click as well as a spanking Canon 550D? I can log onto the internet at home or at work… don’t need my phone for that. GPS? Blah! I’ve got a great sense of direction.

That was until yesterday, when I walked into MTN to upgrade my phone and found out that they had just received stock of the infamous iPhone 4’s. Hmmm. I also discovered that a tasty little 300 Mb data bundle came at a ridiculously low price, offering me everything I thought I didn’t need with the simple application of signature to paper. The hypocrite to my hippie ways succumbed and I am now the proud owner of the sexiest phone I have ever possessed. I am also totally addicted to its adept and ingenious ways, and can see how this phone would break up relationships! I spent the entire day fiddling with it and finding my way, relishing in the clever little applications and amazing interface.

I can now freely and openly admit with little restraint, that I am a total convert. iPhone; you rock! And I am so glad to have met you… Little R300 Nokia, I loved you and you were always there for me but you are a much better match for my 7 year old son.

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The Simple Allure of Boobs

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Cleavage.Image via Wikipedia
My son has reached that stage where everything (and I mean everything) is about the boob factor. He is a boy – obviously – and he is healthy, so he is clearly venturing along the route that most boys tend to travel… towards loving the female form.
The last month or so I have noticed a lot of change in how he sees me, which I find hysterical. Before we were mother and child and that was the end of that. Now he sees me naked and he gets all coy and bashful and starts giggling uncontrollably while not being able to tear his eyes away from my mammaries! Today in the pool, he swam up to me and just grabbed them! I was quite shocked at first and my natural instinct was to dunk him under the water and hold him there! Which I did… all mom’s do that stuff. When I actually took a moment to think about it all the little pieces came tumbling down into place.
He is growing up.
This is why he thinks that girls having nipples that taste like ice-cream is an awesome invention. And also why I find him spying on me when I’m getting changed. It could also have something to do with the fact that when I’m in a bikini or showing a decent amount of cleavage, he walks up to me shaking his head meaningfully saying: “Mom. You are so beautiful.” [talking to the boobs and not me mind you].

Yes, he is an amazing child who is always full of compliments. And he is proving to be a wonderfully normal heterosexual male too.

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Getting the juices flowing…

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Nope, that is not as bad as it sounds :) 
I have just finished my first week at Quirk (albeit a 3 day week), and I can feel a part of me opening up to new ideas, new inspiration and a whole world of possibility. I feel as though I have been living the last few months under the impression that being creative was an automatic process. It has taken me 3 days to realise that my creative energy needs nurturing… it needs to be fed, to be taught. 
Why did I neglect this for so long?
The answer comes with a pointless discussion, but what better time to embark on yet another journey of self-discovery and exploration than the beginning of 2011? And what better place than in a small little society of incredibly talented little Quirkstars?
I’m so amped – I love my new job – this year is going to be bloody marvelous! Happy Belated New Year!
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Maxin’ and Relaxin’……

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Marina Beach, ChennaiImage by anaxila via Flickr
There is nothing better than having time off… Time off from reality, life, work, routine and just the general comings and goings of a regular existence. I love my life, and I do what I want when I want; but sometimes I just need a break from the norm to recoup and gather my thoughts into one neat and compact bundle. And there is no better place to do that than at the beach… 
We didn’t know if we would get to take a break away from Jozi, what with the move and all, but as it appears we managed to sneak in a week of downtime at Marina Beach. Amber and Cam are in Sedgefield with their dad, so taking advantage of the downtime has been really easy. Since we’ve been here, we’ve had a couply drinks at the bar, strewn ourselves all over the beach, swam in the sea and the pool… but mostly, we’ve slothed out to the max. I’ve charged halfway through a book in the last 36 hours, as has Mike; we’ve permanently fixed our asses to the couch, sunbed or patio chairs, and we’ve just eaten, drank and read our way through a whole bunch of lazy days. 
Too blissful for words!
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No one ever told me….

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I 'm ListeningImage by Steve 2.0 via Flickr
What a mission it is to move house! 
You never realise how much crap you accumulate over the years; even when you have been systematically cleaning it out every couple of months, it still builds up to the point where you actually want to run and hide from the chaos. Still, we managed to pack our life into neat little cardboard boxes and eagerly anticipated moving day. Only thing was that when it came we awoke to the divine sound of pouring rain outside. On any other day the sound of rain on the roof is absolute bliss… but on this day it made me want to get back under the covers and pretend that none of this was supposed to be happening.
No chance.
We got up and grabbed our caps, jackets and converse boots and got cracking. We must have moved 3 loads between the two houses before it actually cleared up and the sun started shining. Another 3 loads and then an extra trip to find our missing kitty’s and we were officially gatvol. Dragging our heels around and sighing at any given moment we finally reached our new home afer the last trip (with kitty’s in tow) and pretty much collapsed from exhaustion. We literally pushed ourselves to the limit – beyond any normal physical and mental limitations – and could do no more.
We did manage to gte up long enough to get takeaway pizza and a DVD, but even that was a task that warranted tears. I have never in my life experienced such a taxing exercise, and never want to repeat it again! Thank goodness for Mom’s on both sides, my sister and Ian and his crew… without them I think we wuld have just turfed all our funriture out on the highway and opted to buy new. It was a crap day.
Thanks to my excessive exploits, the running around in the rain, and forgetting to eat or drink anything all day, I got a wonderful ear infection – Otitis Media I believe it is called. It is still with me today; rattling my eardrum and making me succumb to my own little world where only I can be heard. I literally cannot hear through my right ear and it blows! Plus it is f*** off painful! Yup… happy days. 
But even through the rain, the pain (literally – my shoulders, back and butt are still aching) and the ear infection from hell, we have found another little slice of heaven to call our own. The house is gorgeous! It needs a makeover; the carpets need to be ripped out, the walls need to be painted elaborate colours and the garden needs to be transformed into an ingigenous paradise… But even without those little additions, it just feels so awesome to have our own space, that is mine as much as it is Mike’s. It is home. And I’m so thrilled to be here… earache and all :)
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FAIL! Argh…. and the Longevity of Bands to detract from the Fail.

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The Beach Boys in 1965.Image via Wikipedia
I bailed out on the 30 Day Trial – well not intentionally, but it found me: Failure. Oh well… bygones and moving on swiftly! I have been writing everyday though not necessarily on this blog so essentially I have stuck with the program, but essentially is also a wonderful word that permits access to a string of excuses. So the truth is that I didn’t have what it takes and I will try again…. 
Here we are then, today: Day one. Again.
We are leaving for Sun City in a few hours to go and watch The Beach Boys. Yup – those guys, the all time favourites from way back when who can harmonise at the drop of a hat. I can’t wait! And I can’t actually believe that we are about to experience these legends in the flesh!

I don’t think I know a single person who doesn’t love the Beach Boys, and who isn’t completely jealous that we’re going to see them – hehehe. I remember when I was young, my parent’s had a tape of theirs and every holiday we would listen to it on the way down to the coast; kind of like a preparation for the surf and sun. I always listened to their voices and dreamt of these incredibly sexy, tanned and ripped surfer boys and wished that one day I’d have one for myself. Well that was until I saw a photograph of them and they were already old and wrinkled, without a ripped muscle in sight! Fussy much? Still it didn’t change the romantic notion, and I snuck back into my dreams of them; ignoring the picture of reality.

“I wish they all could be California… I wish they all could be California…. I wish they all could be Californiaaaaa Giirrrrrrlllllssssss…..”

Moving on…

Funny thing is; my mom and dad went to go and watch The Beach Boys at Sun City when us kids were young. This must have been years ago because my dad died in 1997, already almost 14 years ago! And I don’t remember them going to be honest so I must have been really young. My mom said it was the first year of the Million Dollar Golf Challenge so if you Google that then you’ll get an idea. I’m too lazy right now to be honest; but my point is… that they have probably been around for my entire life!

I love the longevity of legendary bands. I think of how long I’ve been listening to bands like Metallica and Megadeth, Chili Peppers, Black Sabbath… Black Sabbath were my intro to metal, and seeing them all crunchy and bent over on stage in 1999 was a sight to bring tears to my eyes. I think that concert was the last concert they were ever going to play as a unit…? Maybe they have ventured out more since then. But we have long playing records of theirs that are probably older than me.

Iron Maiden and Judas Priest following shortly afterwards and I’m not sure what they are up to these days, although Iron Maiden played at Download a couple of years ago – still keeping it alive!

And then… when I heard Metallica for the first time… I was officially captive to their music, and I still am. “We will ignore the fact that St Anger ever came into being.” Before I had even picked up one of their tapes (I don’t even think CD’s were invented yet) they had still been around for YEARS before that! Back to the good ol’ Garage Days and beyond. Seeing them in concert now is like bowing down to demi-gods! They still thrash it like they are 17 years old, and even without Cliff Burton (RIP) or Jason Newstead (who was to be my third husband after one of The Beach Boys and MacGyver) they are still the shizz… And they will always be, even if they do release another crap album like St Anger.

I am looking forward to being blown away. I want to feel history; I want to feel legend; I want to feel fiiiiine tonight! Actually it’s tomorrow night. Yeehaaa!

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Writing is my drug… (Day 22 of the 30 Day Trial)

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Disco ball in blueImage via Wikipedia
I just can’t get enough…. I just can’t get enough… All I need is 24-7 ADSL, a laptop with a little more memory than mine and I’d be raging through torrents of words, figures of speech and intricate little stories. I am completely addicated to forcing my opinion onto the world! hahahaha…. poor you. 
I also have so much to say, almost TOO much! I keep on getting lost in my train of thought because it keeps on branching out in so many directions. I’m feeling like I’m at the peak of my writing inspiration and yet I don’t know what to write about first; my fingers actually can’t keep up with my head! As I write this I just think of a caffeine addict who has actually passed the point of no return and is desperately trying to keep up with the intense speed and accelerated thoughts, but the damn fingers won’t keep up!

Maybe I have actually just had too much coffee. Hmmm……

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This 30 Day Trial is Exhausting! (Day 21 of the 30 Day Trial)

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Run freeImage by Today is a good day via Flickr
It’s Monday night, and my brain and bod are still pulling themselves towards themselves after an amazing weekend of indulgence. I’ve spent the entire day running around like a mom on steroids getting Christmas prezzies organised for the kids, seeing movers, fetching kids, carrying kids, feeding kids, entertaining kids, organising appointments, setting up interviews for potential stories, and then also trying to write a blog for my other little piece of virtual realty: The Difference between Yoga & Pilates. Yes it is a shamless plug, but being that it is on my other piece of internet real estate, I can do whatever the hell I want! 😛
Anyways… what I was going to say is that this trying to come up with a new blog every night is really tiring! Especially when you’re still feeling the effects of tequila and over-excitement, as well as being off work for the first day and trying to cram everything into one little period of sun-to-moon. *sigh*
This is where the word “trial” comes into this exercise – it ain’t easy! And it is through sheer determination and the refusal to fail that I’m actually managing to waffle on long enough to make a blog entry about it. Tomorrow will be better :) Time for some bubbles, bath and bed. And you need not know what happens after that. Byeeeeeeeeeeee….
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The A Team Returns… (Day 20 of the 30 Day Trial)

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The main cast of The A-Team. Clockwise from to...Image via Wikipedia
We finally got to watch The A-Team movie tonight… it wasn’t amaaaaazingly brilliant, like blow your socks off stuff, but it was definitely entertaining and it brought smiles to our faces. Especially when they played the theme song that always formed the intro and outro to the series way back in the day… Yes I am giving away my age here! Not necessary to beat around the bush, I’m 33 and proud; and back before we had DSTV and a multitude of channels to choose from, we watched whatever was on for the night – and that included: The A Team.

Face was my man – Templeton Peck – and I even had a signed photograph of him from one of my dad’s photographer friends. My friends used to kak themselves when they saw this photograph on my wall; it was literally worth gold to them (and me). Now that I look at him he looks a little poncey, but thats besides the point. Them; as a team; as a unit; absolutely rocked my world, to the point where I was no doubt squealing with delight much like my young Cameron was while watching the movie. The favourite “I love it when a plan comes together” just brough it all back, and I was pretty much thrilled that they (they as in those movie people) had taken something from my youth that was so awesome, and brought it back to life with all of it’s plus points intact. I’m pretty much hoping they will go through all of my old favourites in much the same way. Next stop, I’m hoping for:

  • MacGyver – (I called myself Mrs MacGyver when I was young – Tammy and I used to fight over this claim to fame)
  • Airwolf – yes he was an alcoholic wife beater… but on screen, Jan Michael Vincent was a legend in our eyes
  • Knight Rider – Hahaha…. yes,  David Hasselhoff was cool. Too cool for school. And then he went and sold his soul to Baywatch.
  • Magnum PI – A young Tom Selleck; Hawaii; Ferrari; Nuff said..
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Hauntings or Hogwash? (Day 19 of the 30 Day Trial)

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This morning we had a very interesting breakfast conversation with some people we had just met. It was my sister’s birthday brunch and she had invited some friends from work. One of the ladies she works with had done a film shoot at the old Kempton Park Hospital (formerly known as the Khayalami Hospital), and there are many stories and controversies surrounding the venue and why it was shut down.
It closed in 1997, and the funny thing is that when it closed everything was just left as is, as if the people who were working there just put down their instruments, pens or food trays, and walked out the door. She said that there were registers open on the day that the hospital closed, with the pen that had been writing in the book resting on the pages… just left; abandoned and forgotten. Machines were switched off, beds were left unmade, gloves removed and lights turned off.
What has happened in the years to follow is that young kids, students and ghost hunters have used this venue as an exciting escape into the world of the paranormal. Their attempts at finding some eerie stories to share with the world have seemingly complicated the history, and now there is a massive shroud of tom-foolery and practical jokes covering up what could be a very intricate tale of sadness and loss. There is definitely an enthralling history within those walls, but which are the stories that you can believe? A Facebook group has been created, and some 8000 strong members have some strange (and stupid) stories to tell about their experiences when they visited the hospital.
What I find fascinating is that there are no squatters staying in the abandoned halls as you would find with most empty building in Jozi. This lady that I met said that people have tried to camp out there, stay over and explore the realms of this closed off world, yet none have made it past a few hours for fear of their paranoia’s or perhaps fear of something else? There is talk of doctor’s walking down hallways, a girl in a dress, strange smells and rooms that are either very warm or freezing cold.
From my side, I am compeltely drawn in and I want to go there myself. I do believe that there could be presences there, and I wouldn’t want to disturb them… I just have some perverted interest in the history and the stories that could be hiding within those walls. I will let you know what I find out… if I find anything. But there has also been mention of connections between the old Kempton Park / Khayalami Hospital and some form of human experimentation? Hmmm… the plot thickens.

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