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My Last Day at Stargaze Media (Day 18 of the 30 Day Trial)

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So today ends an era in my life; and with the ending comes a fresh start at something new… something that is so built for me. Although I have been counting down the seconds until 4:30pm on Friday the 3rd of December, I met the moment with extreme trepidation and a sprinkling of sadness. Lets face it; you spend the majority of your day in one place so you are bound to become attached to the surroundings, the energetic space that you create around yourself and of course… the people. Aaah the people. These fabulous beings that are all completely unique; each offering a special beauty that resonates with different parts of your character. They have become my little day-time family and my heart broke when we had to part ways and say good bye with such finality.
They all clubbed together and bought me the most divine orchid, along with a massive box of Belgian Chocolates, a bottle of bubbly, a beautiful candle, a necklace and a card that they all signed. Naturally the sentiment just made me crumble into a million pieces… I felt so loved and so special, and if for nothing else my time there was so worthwhile just to have been able to share it with these amazing people.I miss miss them all terribly; even the grumpy ones!

So now that this little segment is over, it is time to move on – onwards and upwards; next stop – the absolute unlimited! :)

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Replace me? Never! (Day 17 of the 30 Day Trial)

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#76 - The Harvest WriterImage by JohnONolan via Flickr
I’ve been interviewing copywriters to replace me in my role at Stargaze, and today I think I found the perfect candidate. She is intelligent with a dry sense of humour, quirky and cool and she writes beautifully… The funny thing is that now through chatting to her about making an offer I am almost jealous that she is going to be filling up the space that I will leave… Weird? Or a natural reaction to the obvious loss I will feel after having been there for almost two years? 
I am so happy to be leaving and I know that the decision I have made is for my own personal growth… so why the envy? Maybe I want them to need me to the point of never being able to replace me? A nice smidgen of warmth for my ego, but the reality is that no one is indispensible. I know I am being ridiculous, and after I overcome the emotion of saying good bye to all my dear friends at work, I will more than likely be “over it”… Still, it is funny how the human mind and heart operate. Mine appears to be extremely confused and wants a little bit of everything for itself! Greedy guts…
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A State of Bliss…… (Day 16 of the 30 Day Trial)

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A State of Bliss...... (Day 16 of the 30 Day Trial)
Sitting here savouring the last few days before everything changes, sipping some of my favourite wine and listening to the tunes we hand picked for our wedding CD (that we have yet to post to all of our guests… 8 months later). I am smiling inside at the realisation of where I am right now and how perfect it is.
A few moments ago I was sitting quietly (wine in hand), remembering our perfect day and how each song that we chose for our wedding was representative of a certain stage in our relationship and our lives together. And now listening to them again they evoke the exact same feelings that we were experiencing at that time. The song we walked down the grassy bank to (there was no aisle); the song we danced to as Mr and Mrs Stott; the songs we sang at the top of our lungs while driving down the road; songs we danced to in the TV room; songs that always reminded us of each other whenever we heard them… they were all a part and parcel of this ultimate journey that has been treating me so well. And now here I sit today with this incredible man, enjoying the same love and appreciation for him that has only matured and grown more beautiful with age.
I glance to my side and see the contract for my new job… my dream job, it seems. Looking ahead of me I see the naked nails poking out of the wall from where we’ve already packed our memorable photos into boxes. The changes are happening all around me and yet everything is still constant; peace surrounds me even though I’m surrounded by the chaos. I could quite possibly be the happiest I have ever been… or maybe that is also just another constant that I have been too busy to recognise? Aaaaah….. bliss.
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The Halfway Mark (Day 15 of the 30 Day Trial)

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Do you find my brain? - Auf der Suche nach mei...Image by alles-schlumpf via Flickr
So here I am… half way through my first 30 Day Trial. I originally embarked on this little venture to try and enrich my day by creating a space for my mind to roam free, while also abiding by certain constraints. I wanted to try it to see if it would give me some kind of structure that would help channel my crazy little monkey mind. And it has… not only have I found that I am able to write about anything no matter what the circumstances, but I’ve also found a perfect little niche for my own personal therapy.

Putting a number on it and making a project out of it has just made it seem like something that can be accomplished; a challenge for lack of a better word. Without it I might not have been so committed, but at the same time I would have lost out on this valuable Kat-Time that I now find so rewarding. Anyways, I’m talking like it is over and I’ve only just stepped onto 2nd base! Home is still a bit of a way away…

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The bigger picture is so vast… (Day 14 of the 30 Day Trial)

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Crackin' Up the UniverseImage by Anua22a via Flickr
Sometimes I lose sight of why it is that I do things… I put these plans in motion, I send all the thoughts, wants and desires out there into the Universe, and then when they come back I forget why it is that I wanted them in the first place. In these situations it is usually because I have lost my vantage point on what the final outcome will be further on down the line. I forget the enormity of what I’ve accomplished until I recollect my thoughts and track them back to the moment of inception.
What is completely and utterly profound (in such a way that it becomes absolutely awesome), is the fact that everything I want (like really really want), I get. The things that I convince myself that I will achieve (not can achieve… will achieve), I do. The things that I convince myself I will have, I receive. At the moment these wishes come true, it suddenly becomes so overwhelming that I actually get a little bit scared! The internal dialogue feeds off my doubt and fear, and I wrap myself into such a knot that I effectively back down from what I was trying to attain in the first place. A bit silly, but totally human!

About 3 months ago I set a plan in motion and in the last week I received the fruits of my labours. After the elation had died down I asked myself, “now what?” I couldn’t remember where I was headed with this plan of mine and I had totally lost my grip on the outcome, the reasoning and the absolute awesome-ness of the whole idea. It took me the entire day to see the bigger picture again; to recollect exactly where this element was going to fit into the grander scheme that I call my life. I guess it boils down to trust again… and just knowing that we are exactly where we are supposed to be at exactly the right time. I mean – I asked to be here, and that’s precisely what I got: Me. Here. Now. So now it is time to enjoy… :)

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Packing away an era… (Day 13 of the 30 Day Trial)

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Tequila on tap at 2D Perth
With the impending move around the corner, Mike and I have been on a mission to get this house packed up so that the move to our next house is swift and smooth. Today was a day spent surrounded by bubble wrap, packing tape and cardboard boxes.
Many parties with Pat at 2D Perth
The kids found the 50m roll of bubble wrap extremely entertaining; using it as another person to dance with, or pretending it was a boxing bag or a “person beater.” While they were keeping themselves occupied, Mike and I were literally packing our house into boxes. Looking around now I can’t see the home we had before… it is all disappearing before our eyes and slowly being replaced by empty barren space. It saddens me to see our house like this. I am starting to feel the tug at my heartstrings as we say good bye to this era and say hello to the next.
J-Dawg, Am & Cam – Mates for life
There are so many memories trapped in these walls… some we will take with and some we will leave behind, and then of course we will make new ones in our new home. All is not lost, it is just a matter of letting go, saying good bye and moving on to new experiences. Still… it is amazing how you can literally pack the physical remnants of your life into a few cardboard boxes. Because once all the little trinkets and photos are gone, all that is left are the walls and the windows, and every ounce of character has gone.

Anyways. I’m not going to get emotional… I am excited more than I am sad. I think because we had so many awesome times in this place that cannot be replicated I feel like I am losing something. Every braai and party that Pat was at (which is basically every braai and party we ever had), can’t be done over in our new place, and that is one of the pieces we leave behind. The conversations will be held in these walls forever, the laughs will echo through the trees with every soft breeze… the great times, the smiles, the stupid moments and drunken chaos. I will always remember, even after it is left behind.

And of course… fabulous new memories lie ahead. And we will always remember to toast to Pat in his absense; making him a part of everything we do.

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Husband time is so precious… (Day 12 of the 30 Day Trial)

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Love is – Knowing that you’ll always have each other
Today has been another perfect day in the life of Kat Stott, and it is largely due to the incredible people that I am blessed to share my life with. Today was especially cool, because after waking up from the most luxurious sleep, I realised that the kids weren’t here and Mike and I actually had some time to ourselves. I love my kids to smithereens, but I also love moments when it is just “us”… :)
We always make time for each other, but this week has been taxing to say the least. In addition to all the “crap” that I have fought through it was also our end of year work functions, and neither occassion called for partners. We both partied all out and had aching bodies for the last two days from all the dancing… Awesome food, awesome venues, friends, fun, funky time… but all that was missing was each other. We saw each other on the morning of Mike’s function (Wednesday) and then after that again only on Friday morning during the morning rush to get to school and work. (Mike was completely KO the morning after his party, and I couldn’t actually wake him – though I tried – to say good bye as I left for work.)
Point is… we were like passing ships in the night for 48 hours, and it sucked! Who knew that such a seemingly short space of time would leave us feeling so empty, lost and estranged just because we weren’t with each other and hadn’t had the time to see each other? If ever you take something for granted I think that simple separation is enough to make you realise just how important that thing is in your life. Husband time is uber-precious to me… and something I will always take full advantage of whenever I can. Luckily I have a drop-dead gorgeous husband that is just perfectly divine in every way, so it’s easy!
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You gotta fight… for your right… (Day 11 of the 30 Day Trial)

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Bliss Dance, Burning Man 2010Image by Michael Holden via Flickr
So my little whirlwind of emotion slowed down and eventually came to a halt today. That was after everything spun out of control momentarily. But now everything is over, and the calm after the storm has been amazing. I am priveleged to be seeing the world from a completely fresh standpoint now, and the view is divine. Still, it was no easy task getting to where I am… The last 48 hours have tested me in every way possible, and I am so proud of myself for walking away having accomplished so much and having done it with a clean conscience and for the right reasons.
I know this makes absolutely no sense to anyone reading it, and I’m not about to share the gory details, because that won’t serve any purpose than to defame a person or people. I have no intention of sinking to a level that I would not be proud of. But essentially, I had the opportunity to finally speak up for what I believe in and for the things that were concerning me a few weeks ago. And hell… did I speak up. I let it all go! Every ounce of pent up frustration, every little drop of emotion, every sleepless night, every worry and concern… I let it all go in a fluid and compelling case of reason, truth and a little bit of fury. It was the perfect release!
Not only did I make my point, but I made it viable and I made it so coercive that my words are being considered, and my point of view is being seen as something that is worthy. I have created an avenue for perspective and an opportunity for change… And the best part about it is that there are no broken hearts or feelings of animosity.
I feel such a profound sense of freedom, and the weighlessness of being without a care in the world. You gotta fight… for your right…… to…. well whatever it is, it is worth fighting for if you truly believe in it with your heart and soul. And only good can come from such a noble battle.
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Day 10 of the 30 Day Trial was a slip up due to X-Mas Function

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But I am granting myself amnesty in lieu of terrible drunken-ness and bad attempts at dancing!
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Waiting can be rewarding (Day 9 of the 30 Day Trial)

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squared circles - ClocksImage by Leo Reynolds via Flickr
So yesterday I was harping on about “looking for the signs” and how sometimes we need that guiding light to illuminate the way for us… when difficult decisions become too overbearing for us to consider. I was saying how I always have to analyse everything and make sure that I’m doing everything for the right reasons…
I had a lot on my mind yesterday, which is why I was pondering such stuff. In a way I was hoping to find some kind of resolution at the end of my blog, but it never presented itself. That is until today… The questions I was asking; the decision I had to make and the elements that were stringing it altogether had a secret meeting of their own and decided to simultaneously sort themselves out for me! Just like that… The questions were answered; the decision was made for me due to some additional information being added into the mix; the little elements? Well they just sat there and looked pretty for me while everything else just slotted so perfectly into place.
Sometimes sleeping on things is the way to go. A good friend of mine always used to say: ” If I ever feel like commiting suicide, I will have a sleep and then re-evaluate my decision afterwards.” Quite dark for an eye-opening quotation, but it sells exactly what I’m trying to say. Sometimes the decisions don’t need to be made there and then, even though it might seem life-threatening if they aren’t. Sometimes a little patience is all that is required for the knotted mess of thoughts, ideas and emotions to untangle themselves.

And sometimes sleep is the only answer…

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