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South Africa is the Shizz (Day 5 of the 30 Day trial)

Posted by Katherine Stott In South Africa | Comments Off on South Africa is the Shizz (Day 5 of the 30 Day trial)
Numida meleagris, taken at Kirstenbosch, South...Image via Wikipedia
It is so incredible how completely different I feel today. Yesterday was the old “woe is me” saga; the tale of two extremes! And today I am bursting with vivaciousness and energy and brimming over with enthusiasm to get out there and experience this awesome day. It is truly amazing what sleep can do!~
The best part is waking up to a weekend in the arms of Mama Africa! With her streaming sunshine, countless birds in abundance, and the beauty of her exuberance that we find right here in our own garden.
Taking the dogs for a walk in the park this morning, we were greeted by a large family of Plover’s protecting their nest with passionate fervour… and a little bit of annoyance. The dew was fresh on the grass, the sky a magnificent blue that couldn’t get more intense. Little bees were buzzing above the purple flowers covering the veld and Guinea Fowl were making the most of the morning – just like us – a few metres away in the lush, green, riverside grass. As I walked I felt so priveleged to be a part of this incredible world; this country; this life. To walk side by side with these cheeky birds, under the South African sky… I am sure Johnny Clegg wrote a song about this? Minus the birds….
I love our life.
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