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1 Year Anniversary at The Soul Khaya

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1 Year Anniversary at The Soul Khaya

Getting married at Lethabo EstateOur very 1st wedding anniversary came along today, the 3rd of April 2011. The kids were away with my Mom so we could literally do whatever we chose and decided to commemorate our special day by travelling back to the place where Mike and I chose to get married: Lethabo Estate. Only this time, we took a slight detour before we reached the entrance and headed for a little place on the opposite hillside called The Soul Khaya. Most certainly a “home for the soul” as we were soon to find out. We arrived just before 9am and were greeted by an incredible sweeping view over the valley of the Crocodile River, all the way down to Lethabo Estate.

Healthy, vegetarian breakfastWe were led to a private “couples room” and then out onto a small verandah where we were to feast on a delectable vegetarian breakfast – much to my delight. The view was immaculate. The food was even better! A fresh fruit platter consisting of melon, apple, peach, grapes and pineapple served with ice-cold fresh orange juice, warm croissants with jam and cheese, freshly baked cappuccino muffins, yoghurt and muesli and a pot of chamomile tea. The perfect (healthy) start to a gorgeous day and my idea of what every breakfast should be like. Soon enough we were patting our bellies and gazing out onto the valley below, completely satisfied.

A little while later, Mathilda, one of our gorgeous therapists, asked us to put on our cozzies and robe up for some Love and 1 Year of Happy Marriageindulgence on the front verandah. We followed her out to the front where two little stations of blissful comfort were set up, one for each of us. We both sat down and resigned ourselves to the magic of our therapists as they soaked our feet in warm rose water and then proceeded to scrub them and smother them in a delectable body butter. At the same time they asked us to choose a stone from a bowl sitting between us. Each stone had something written on it and as luck would have it, we both chose stones with the words “Love” on them. Without saying a word, we smugly decided this was a sign of how in tune we are with each other.

1.5 Hour Aromatherapy MassageOnce our feet were polished and preened they were placed back into our slippers and rested on footstools in front of us. We were each given a deliciously soft blanket to cover up with before we closed our eyes and unwound into a guided meditation. Breathing in rainbows and breathing out shooting stars, we succumbed to the melodic notes of our host’s voice as we slipped away for 10 minutes of internal reflection and relaxation. Opening my eyes to the world again afterwards was like seeing colour for the first time; the trees were more than green and the sky a triumphant blue. It was magical. When we were ready we shuffled off to the Jacuzzi that overlooked the valley, popped a bottle of Champers and wallowed in the warm, bubbly delights of not having anything else to do except chill. After a lengthy time of Jacuzzi joy, the moment we had been waiting for arose; the 1.5 hour aromatherapy massage.

Knowing that I was pregnant they were very careful not to use any oils that could affect the baby, so I was indulged The View from our massage beds atThe Soul Khayawith the sweet scent of virgin coconut oil. I cannot explain the sheer delight that my body experienced; from my toes to the top of my head… every little muscle was attended to with the greatest of care and consideration. Wherever I needed a little extra pressure, Mathilda was there without being asked. She knew the location of each and every muscle and nurtured them exactly as my mind’s voice was asking her to. I was in heaven. Mike having never had a professional massage before was left with a dopey grin on his face afterwards; clearly experiencing the same euphoric responses as me! The greatest and smallest detail that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside was when I turned over to lie on my stomach; there below the face-hole in the massage bed was my little “Love” stone staring straight up at me. This tiny little application of thoughtfulness just sealed the deal for me and resigned my mind, body and soul into an arena of absolute calm and serenity.

Neither of us wanted it to end but as all good things do,  it had to. We got dressed and said our goodbyes and thank yous and slowly weaved out way out of the country towards home. Our day couldn’t have been more perfect and I would highly recommend the Couples Package at The Soul Khaya. For something tranquil, indulgent, divine and romantic… you cannot go wrong.

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Legends, Birthday Presents and Drum Kits

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Have drum kit; will make noise
So yesterday was my dad’s birthday: 6th of February 2011. I can’t for the life of me think how old he would have been. It’s been so long since he was here that I still think of him as the unchanged man who was before me in the months before he died, and (if memory serves) he was 51 years old. This was in 1997, so a quick calculation would make him… (momentary pause as she reaches for the calculator) 65 years old today. Happy birthday for yesterday, Christakis Nicolau Charalambides (Dad)!
We were lounging around at home yesterday, oblivious to the fact that it was the anniversary of dad’s birth. I am not sure if my sneaky mother timed her visit in accordance with this, but she decided she was going to drop by. Out of the blue she called to say she was coming over and bringing dad’s old drum kit with her. To fill you in: My dad was an incredible drummer, and played in a cover band called “No Parking”, who – in my opinion – were the shizz when I was a young girl. I was always so proud going to watch him at various gigs and gatherings, and I still recall the expression of concentration on his face as he led the rhythm for the rest of the band. Every now and then I would catch his eye and he’d wink at me resulting in an enormous grin on my part. Random little moments like that still stick in my mind as if they occurred only yesterday. Anyway…
His drum kit had been sitting in storage for years before my mom got a quotation on it, and found it to be a very valuable antique. The monetary value in no way compares to the sentimental value that it has for me so I refused to let her sell it, and now it is mine. Mike is going to help me assemble it, and then I am going to wreak havoc on the neighbourhood with vim and vigour. Oh how I cannot wait *insert evil grin here*.
I was randomly tweeting and messing around on my phone yesterday when I realised that this beautiful gift had been presented to me on none other than Dad’s birthday. It couldn’t have been more apt. If I could have rumbled through a tribute solo I would have done so there and then, but I did so in my heart.  
His legend lives on in so many ways, and now this is just another element of Dad that I bring in to our daily lives. And noisily so…
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Can we Save Our Planet?

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amy Whale, breaching, Stellwagen Bank National...Image via Wikipedia
We’ve just finished watching “Oceans“; a movie that I believe everyone should see. It is a French movie with English sub-titles, although the narration comes in small doses that are few and far between. At first I was feeling a little annoyed that there was no commentary supporting the beautiful, graceful creatures we watched floating around our screen. That was until I realised that this had been done on purpose; to unlock our senses and stretch deep down into our emotive cores. The imagery was there purely to evoke an emotional response; and it certainly did.
I spent the first hour of the movie in awe of these incredible beings that share this planet with us. Whales, dolphins, sharks, rays, fish, crabs, cormorants, seals… The list goes on. Their actions were mesmerising. Every now and then the narrator, Jacques Perrin, would softly quote some or other poignant piece of script that wasn’t related to fascinating ocean facts or underwater statistics. The message was clear: we are killing our oceans. There will be nothing left for future generations.

Without going into any detail about the actual movie I can say that it brought me to tears. It made me realise once again that man is a selfish beast who has declared this planet his own, without care or concern for the creatures that also call this globe home. I will not refer to the collective as “we”, because I do not share the same ideals as these people who rip the life and energy out of everything that is inherently good.

I cannot fathom the being that would steal the life of another; worse yet… the malicious monstrosity that can mutilate another being to the point where it cannot survive any further, and then toss it away (still breathing) to die a slow and possibly painful death. A friend recently said that fish don’t have any feelings, which I can appreciate and agree with. But they are still beings that hold life. The shark who is stripped of its fin and tail and thrown back into the ocean to die is still a living, breathing creature. Like you. Like me. What gives any mortal soul the right to separate life from another creature, pulling them apart like taking mother from child?

I know that human consciousness is growing, and that with each day there is another person who realises that we are all connected. I do realise that people are starting to see that by killing a shark or a dolphin, we are killing a part of ourselves, we are stealing life from our own source; from Mother Nature. But how many creatures, how many beautiful beings have to die before the rest of the world realises?

The closing words of the movie were something along the lines of it never being too late to make a change, and it isn’t. It is never too late to care. But people need to start waking the f*** up now.

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Getting the juices flowing…

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Nope, that is not as bad as it sounds :) 
I have just finished my first week at Quirk (albeit a 3 day week), and I can feel a part of me opening up to new ideas, new inspiration and a whole world of possibility. I feel as though I have been living the last few months under the impression that being creative was an automatic process. It has taken me 3 days to realise that my creative energy needs nurturing… it needs to be fed, to be taught. 
Why did I neglect this for so long?
The answer comes with a pointless discussion, but what better time to embark on yet another journey of self-discovery and exploration than the beginning of 2011? And what better place than in a small little society of incredibly talented little Quirkstars?
I’m so amped – I love my new job – this year is going to be bloody marvelous! Happy Belated New Year!
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Writing is my drug… (Day 22 of the 30 Day Trial)

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Disco ball in blueImage via Wikipedia
I just can’t get enough…. I just can’t get enough… All I need is 24-7 ADSL, a laptop with a little more memory than mine and I’d be raging through torrents of words, figures of speech and intricate little stories. I am completely addicated to forcing my opinion onto the world! hahahaha…. poor you. 
I also have so much to say, almost TOO much! I keep on getting lost in my train of thought because it keeps on branching out in so many directions. I’m feeling like I’m at the peak of my writing inspiration and yet I don’t know what to write about first; my fingers actually can’t keep up with my head! As I write this I just think of a caffeine addict who has actually passed the point of no return and is desperately trying to keep up with the intense speed and accelerated thoughts, but the damn fingers won’t keep up!

Maybe I have actually just had too much coffee. Hmmm……

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A State of Bliss…… (Day 16 of the 30 Day Trial)

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A State of Bliss...... (Day 16 of the 30 Day Trial)
Sitting here savouring the last few days before everything changes, sipping some of my favourite wine and listening to the tunes we hand picked for our wedding CD (that we have yet to post to all of our guests… 8 months later). I am smiling inside at the realisation of where I am right now and how perfect it is.
A few moments ago I was sitting quietly (wine in hand), remembering our perfect day and how each song that we chose for our wedding was representative of a certain stage in our relationship and our lives together. And now listening to them again they evoke the exact same feelings that we were experiencing at that time. The song we walked down the grassy bank to (there was no aisle); the song we danced to as Mr and Mrs Stott; the songs we sang at the top of our lungs while driving down the road; songs we danced to in the TV room; songs that always reminded us of each other whenever we heard them… they were all a part and parcel of this ultimate journey that has been treating me so well. And now here I sit today with this incredible man, enjoying the same love and appreciation for him that has only matured and grown more beautiful with age.
I glance to my side and see the contract for my new job… my dream job, it seems. Looking ahead of me I see the naked nails poking out of the wall from where we’ve already packed our memorable photos into boxes. The changes are happening all around me and yet everything is still constant; peace surrounds me even though I’m surrounded by the chaos. I could quite possibly be the happiest I have ever been… or maybe that is also just another constant that I have been too busy to recognise? Aaaaah….. bliss.
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Packing away an era… (Day 13 of the 30 Day Trial)

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Tequila on tap at 2D Perth
With the impending move around the corner, Mike and I have been on a mission to get this house packed up so that the move to our next house is swift and smooth. Today was a day spent surrounded by bubble wrap, packing tape and cardboard boxes.
Many parties with Pat at 2D Perth
The kids found the 50m roll of bubble wrap extremely entertaining; using it as another person to dance with, or pretending it was a boxing bag or a “person beater.” While they were keeping themselves occupied, Mike and I were literally packing our house into boxes. Looking around now I can’t see the home we had before… it is all disappearing before our eyes and slowly being replaced by empty barren space. It saddens me to see our house like this. I am starting to feel the tug at my heartstrings as we say good bye to this era and say hello to the next.
J-Dawg, Am & Cam – Mates for life
There are so many memories trapped in these walls… some we will take with and some we will leave behind, and then of course we will make new ones in our new home. All is not lost, it is just a matter of letting go, saying good bye and moving on to new experiences. Still… it is amazing how you can literally pack the physical remnants of your life into a few cardboard boxes. Because once all the little trinkets and photos are gone, all that is left are the walls and the windows, and every ounce of character has gone.

Anyways. I’m not going to get emotional… I am excited more than I am sad. I think because we had so many awesome times in this place that cannot be replicated I feel like I am losing something. Every braai and party that Pat was at (which is basically every braai and party we ever had), can’t be done over in our new place, and that is one of the pieces we leave behind. The conversations will be held in these walls forever, the laughs will echo through the trees with every soft breeze… the great times, the smiles, the stupid moments and drunken chaos. I will always remember, even after it is left behind.

And of course… fabulous new memories lie ahead. And we will always remember to toast to Pat in his absense; making him a part of everything we do.

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Husband time is so precious… (Day 12 of the 30 Day Trial)

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Love is – Knowing that you’ll always have each other
Today has been another perfect day in the life of Kat Stott, and it is largely due to the incredible people that I am blessed to share my life with. Today was especially cool, because after waking up from the most luxurious sleep, I realised that the kids weren’t here and Mike and I actually had some time to ourselves. I love my kids to smithereens, but I also love moments when it is just “us”… :)
We always make time for each other, but this week has been taxing to say the least. In addition to all the “crap” that I have fought through it was also our end of year work functions, and neither occassion called for partners. We both partied all out and had aching bodies for the last two days from all the dancing… Awesome food, awesome venues, friends, fun, funky time… but all that was missing was each other. We saw each other on the morning of Mike’s function (Wednesday) and then after that again only on Friday morning during the morning rush to get to school and work. (Mike was completely KO the morning after his party, and I couldn’t actually wake him – though I tried – to say good bye as I left for work.)
Point is… we were like passing ships in the night for 48 hours, and it sucked! Who knew that such a seemingly short space of time would leave us feeling so empty, lost and estranged just because we weren’t with each other and hadn’t had the time to see each other? If ever you take something for granted I think that simple separation is enough to make you realise just how important that thing is in your life. Husband time is uber-precious to me… and something I will always take full advantage of whenever I can. Luckily I have a drop-dead gorgeous husband that is just perfectly divine in every way, so it’s easy!
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My baby is still a baby…. to some degree (Day 7 of the 30 Day Trial)

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Both of my kids have sprouted up before my very eyes. I don’t remember when it all happened (same way that I don’t remember hitting my thirties – that crept up on me like an infection). One day I was crying as I fled the pre-school after leaving them “on their own” for the very first time… and next minute they are in Primary School, spruced up in their uniforms telling me that eight sided shapes are called octagons. I knew that by the way… I was just indulging them!
My heart beckons for those younger years to come back, and yet I know that every moment is only to be relived in our memories and through photographs. Still…. my heart yearns for “babyness”. Holding a new born baby in my arms has much the same effect on me as mashed avocado, balsamic vinegar and black pepper on toast does… it invokes sheer bliss. I can’t even begin to think about the moments when they (Amber and Cam) won’t need me anymore, and my life won’t be so focused on planning holidays that involve kids; preparing meals that are A&C friendly; making separate salads without the tomato and avo; renting DVD’s with a no more than PG10 age restriction… Hmmmmm… sounds like it will actually be quite fun when you put it on paper. Hahahahahaha……
But any mom will know what I’m talking about.
Still; there are those moments – very brief and very far between each other – when they show signs of their youth, and remind me that they are still fragile little angels that need our guidance and nurturing touch. Not even twenty minutes ago I had to pick Cameron up from the dining room chair and carry him to his bed to sleep. He had come home from school and decided to draw a picture, but had fallen asleep mid-scribble with his head resting gently on the piece of paper. Too cute. The fact that I could actually pick him up was one thing… But it just brought the memories flooding back to life. *sigh* 
Having babies is tough; Parenting is tougher… but letting go and accepting that they are growing up is the toughest; if not impossible.
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Faith and HopeImage by A Perfect Heart via Flickr
What is it apart from being a loaded word? It is made up of 5 simple letters, only 1 syllable but with an entire world of meaning and significance surrounding it. When you break it down, it seems so inconsequential; just another word! And yet we all survive off it, thrive on it and desperately need to be assured of its existence in order to carry on from day to day.
To not have it, is to be cast into an unending abyss of self-doubt, darkness and insecurity. Where it is difficult to tell friend from foe, and the very thought of walking through each hour of the day becomes a bit of a nightmare.
But… to have it is to be assured; to feel that you are right where you are supposed to be. To know that no matter what happens, you will always be in that place of comfort and “security”. You become oblivious to trivial things that might plague a person who doubts and doesn’t have that sanctuary of “knowing”. If imagery were to be used to describe that feeling, it would be a naturally beautiful woman running barefoot through a field of sunflowers with wind sweeping through her hair, and laughter emanating from the very depths of her soul.
Trust is about knowing and believing above all else. Flinging yourself into that abyss and knowing that you can fly; filling the empty, barren space with the laughter of that beautiful girl; laughter that bounces off the walls and saturates the world in light. Trust is at the centre of everything.
I think. (haha) That was a joke.
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