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Mangwanani Day Spa – A Pregnant Woman’s Paradise

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Mangwanani Day Spa - A Pregnant Woman's Paradise

Saturday saw me getting up earlier than I would normally choose to on a weekend, but it was for a very good cause. My Chilling at Mangwanani Day Spabeautiful husband had bought me a voucher for Mangwanani African Day Spa to indulge in the African Shwe Shwe Package (African Revitalisation Package), and said voucher was about to expire. Without wasting R1,500 worth of indulgence, I booked my space and made the effort to roll my pregnany body out of bed early enough to get there by 08h15. It was more than worth it! The spa is not even 5 minutes from our house at the Indaba Hotel; one of the newer venues in the chain of franchised pamper stations.

I was greeted with smiles as organised individuals fed me hot chocolate and ticked their checklists while escorting me to my private table, complete with gift pack (I didn’t know this was a gift pack until later). I was waited on and asked what I’d like to drink… decaf cappuccino seemed the order of the day and it came to my table with muffins, yoghurt, a fruit skewer and muesli. As I dined on my healthy breakfast, I watched couples and groups roll in, chatting incessantly. I felt somewhat decadent and supremely chilled sitting in my own company, not having to make unecessary conversation but rather to sit and contemplate – one of my favourite pastimes. Once I was done with my breakfast I was shown to the change rooms where I robed up and prepared myself for a day full of bodily treats.

Mangwanani African Day SpaEverything works on a rotation basis. So essentially, you’re checked into various timeslots with different therapists who all take their time completing their assigned treatments. The schedule is pre-arranged, so all you have to do is remember your table number and they do the rest for you. This is a huge blessing, because after treatment number 1, you already feel like you’re wandering around in part-zombie-part-stoner bliss.

The scene is set for a luxurious African experience, complete with incredible birdlife, indigenous trees and bubbling streams flowing past thatched treatment areas. Everything follows the African theme, from the drumming ladies to the Zulu dancing and fabulous melodic voices of a choir of beautiful women. Only later I realised that the magnificent choir was made up of our talented therapists.

The treatments (also aptly named) I had the pleasure of partaking in were:

  • TLHAPISO – Spa Body Treatment – Choice of Body Wash, Exfoliation or Body Brushing; I chose the body brushing
  • NEO MATSOGO – Traditional African Royal Hand Massage (from fingers to elbows)
  • MOLALA – African Head, Neck & Shoulders Massage; with linseed oil that totally did it for my hair
  • NEO MAOTO – Traditional African Royal Foot Massage (from toes to knees)
  • IZIMANGA – Traditional Full Body Massage with Hot Stones – being pregnant, I couldn’t have the hot stones, but this wasn’t at all necessary. It was completely divine on its own
  • UBUSO – Revitalising Facial Spa with Pressure Point Massage – again, I couldn’t have the pressure point massage due to my current condition

In between each bout of sensory euphoria, we had about 15 minutes to sit by the pool, indulge in unlimited drinks Mangwanani African Day Spaor go to the loo to pee as was the case with me and another pregnant woman. We were never at a loss for anything to do and were regularly shuffled off in all directions by an able bodied staff. There was always an expectant therapist waiting on the other end, ready to transport me into the exact space I’ve been needing to go for the last 3 months; heaven. In between it all, there was time for a luxurious lunch of vegetarian (in my case) potjie, served in the cutest little mini potjie pots. Dessert was my ultimate; but that’s more than likely because I’m a hormonal freak at the moment and the sight of a  milk tart makes me want to do serious damage to any sugar vulnerabilities I might have had.

I take my hat off to all of the lovely therapists, but especially the 2 who had to deliver full body treatments to my rounded, pregnant self. Not only did they carry the tasks off with great precision, but they were extremely polite and helpful when I had to roll myself from one side to the other. The young lady who endured my snoring during the facial was also a real trooper. It’s not everyday that your client falls asleep on the massage table. It’s also probably not often that said client starts to snore either. Luckily I snored loud enough to actually wake myself up so she didn’t have to politely endure it for too long.

Mangwanani African Day SpaThe highlight after showering off all the oils and creams was when I went to hand in the beautiful black, hooded gown I’d been wearing all day. Apparently it was a part of the package and was mine to take home… a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Mike was literally gobsmacked when he saw me later that afternoon. Apparently I looked completely relaxed and he hadn’t seen me like this is a very long time. Quite sad that I actually display visible signs of tiredness, stress and pregnancy strain, but great at the same time that it can be alleviated with a little “me-time”. I never under-estimate the importance of taking time out for myself, but it isn’t always possible. I’ve decided that the “isn’t always possible” part of that sentence is actually unacceptable. As I’ve said before, we have this one life that we know of, this one vessel to carry us through this life… if we don’t look after it, who will?

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